Online Instructors – Immigration Consultants
Ashton College
September 1, 2017

Accredited by the ICCRC, this program allows our graduates to meet the educational requirements of becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. The Immigration Consultant Diploma (IMCD) program is designed to equip individuals with knowledge about immigration law and policy, immigration classes and temporary status, refugees and rules of professional conduct, and to apply these principles practically.

Ashton Online is currently looking for instructors who are engaging, interactive, and confident using and adapting to new technologies to help them deliver live online courses through synchronous and asynchronous learning activities to online students in Canada and other parts of the world.

Prepares and facilitates learning activities (i.e. webinar presentations, online discussions and assignments, etc.) that are designed to help students meet their learning objectives
Fosters a productive and collaborative online learning environment
Logs in daily to Google Classroom to interact with students or monitor course activity
Provides detailed feedback to students regarding their performance on all graded activities

Required Qualifications:
Fluent in English
Exceptional communicator (both verbal and written)
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or Immigration Lawyer with five (5) years of hands-on industry experience
ICCRC member in good standing/member of Provincial Law Society
Teaching/training experience (or related experience)
Working knowledge of the inner workings of Canadian Immigration
Must have a reliable high-speed internet connection, high-quality webcam/microphone and meet the technical requirements (as required by the college)

Desired Skill Set of Online Instructors:
Understanding of how to utilize online technology
Experienced with facilitating or participating in virtual meetings
Confident, personable and engaging presenter
Ability to plan engaging and interactive synchronous and asynchronous learning activities
Able to set aside adequate time to teach the course and interact with their students
Ability to evaluate all assignments/quizzes/exams and enter marks into Google documents
Willingness to participate in further training in order to become an excellent online instructor
Personable instructor who is dedicated to training young professionals
Google Certified Educator 1 and/or Google Certified Educator 2 (an asset)
This is a contract position. The length of each contract position is determined by the length of the course that the instructor is teaching. Full-time courses require 20 hours of instructional time per week. Webinars typically take place Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 10:30am PST. Part-time courses require eight (8) hours of instructional teaching time per week. Typically webinars are taught Monday and Wednesday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm PST.

It is recommended that you read Teaching at Ashton before applying.