Full/Part Time Department Associate
Al Premium Foods
Richmond, BC

About us:
Al Premium超市自开店以来,在多伦多地区迅速发展,目前已有3家大型超市位于大多伦多地区。除了您通常可以在一家杂货店找到的主流商品,如蔬菜,水果,牛奶和薯片以外,Al Premium还拥有迎合东亚地区的各种其他产品(例如中国,日本,韩国),东南亚(如马来西亚,泰国,菲律宾)和南亚(如印度,巴基斯坦,斯里兰卡)。2015年我们与沃尔玛签订合约,正式开始合作。第一家店中店坐落在Scarborough,第二家店在大温哥华地区,列治文。 到目前为止,我们在沃尔玛拥有4家门店。

Al Premium Food Mart is one of the only large-scale supermarkets that caters to more than a visible minority population. We proudly provides various items that cater to the East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Southeast Asian (e.g. Malaysian, Thai, Filipino) and South Asian (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) diaspora. With our rapid expansion in GTA. We operate 3 grand stores in Toronto. Also, we teamed up with Walmart since 2016 and have 4 in-stores in Walmart now.

Now Hiring Full/Part Time Department Clerks

- 在货架或者冷柜中有序陈列商品,保证包装无误
- 协助顾客选择蔬菜,鱼虾或者肉类等产品,如果有顾客询问,礼貌应答,并向他们提供建议
- 接受顾客的订单并处理海鲜,肉类等产品
- 保持货架有足够的库存并保证蔬菜和鱼虾的质量,确保充分展示各种海产品和肉类食品
- 按照说明和指示包装各种产品
- 保持货架,过道,仓库和步入式冷柜的干净与整洁
- 遵循程序来处理过期或腐烂的产品
- 执行主管指定的任何其他职责。

Major Responsibilities:
- Loading, packing, stocking and display merchandise on shelves or in the coolers
- Assist customers in selecting produce, seafood or Meat and provide recommendations to them if asked
- Taking orders from customers and handling produce, seafood and seafood
- Maintain inventory and product quality; ensure full display of various produce, seafood and frozen products
- Pack and label various produce, seafood and meat products
- Keep shelves, aisle, warehouse, and walk-in coolers, and all supplements clean and tidy
- Follow procedures to process expired products and manage shrinkage
- Perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

- 有海鲜部门和杂货部门,肉部等工作经验者优先考虑
- 良好的英文人际沟通能力
- 优秀的客服服务技巧
- 健康的身体条件,可时常负重30lbs-70lbs不等
- 能够自主独立完成分配任务并且有团队合作精神
- 能够适应快节奏的工作环境并细心完成分配的任务
- 工作时间灵活(排班由个人填写的时间表决定)
- 有一定的英文能力可优先考虑

- Previous experience and knowledge of seafood, meat, grocery, produce, the frozen department as an asset
- Health physical condition, be able to lift frequently 30lbs and occasionally up to 70lbs
- Good communication skills and ability to read and write in English.
- Excellent Customer service skills
- Be able to work independently with minimum supervision and as part of a team
- Able to work in fast-paced environment and have attention to detail.
- Flexible to work in shifts, including weekdays, weekends, evening hours and statutory holidays. (Depends on employee's availability.)
- Ability to speak Mandarin as an asset

地址:WM3652: 9251 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC, V1X 0N1

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $14.00 /hour


  • Retail: 1 year (Required)


  • Richmond, BC (Required)


  • Chinese (Preferred)
  • Cantonese (Preferred)