Relationship Manager
Languages in Motion (LIM)
Calgary, AB
Position closed
The Relationship Manager supports the company and its clients with overall administration and coordination of large and small translation and interpretation projects. He/she collaborates with in-house and external project personnel to deliver overall project performance including scope, schedule, costs, quality, and client satisfaction.

Type – Full-time

Salary – TBD

Anticipated Start Date – N/A

Application is found at the bottom of this page.

One word descriptors

Two or more word descriptors

On time/Early/Punctual
Client satisfaction driven/good understanding of client needs
Process driven/oriented (“check list”)
Enjoys fast paced environments
Plans ahead in personal life (and sticks with plans!)
Enjoys planning and sees how plans affect the overall goals of the company
Able to see the big picture but also how to get there
Very organized & structured in personal life as well as professional
Personal attachment to company’s results
Empathetic – thinks about others frequently/understands their situation and wants the best for them
Able to negotiate with clients as well as translators to ensure budgets are met
Logical when making decisions (does not decide based on feelings)
Able to manage others by giving clear expectations and priorities
Understands limitations and sees how we can grow
Interested in the success of others on the team
Concerned about personal performance
Contributes to the greater good of the company and its employees
Enjoys close relationships with a few friends – not superficial
Able to build strong ties with both the clients and the translators
Constantly encourages people who are falling behind instead of scrutinizing
Innovatively solves problems with little or no information given
Thinks ahead
Eager to optimize
Has values in line with company values


Engages new clients and past clients to conduct discoveries in order to better grasp their needs on an ongoing basis as well as an assessment of their future and current project scope
Develops and maintains relationships with clients as well as manages a current client database with frequent contact and follow up

Manages component(s) of projects with small or medium scope and complexity, in conjunction with the team and the client. Components include financial cost control, sub-contract management, document submittal, client relations, reporting, and quality control

Achieves the project budget and meet or exceed target net margin by negotiating with project personnel and by keeping all relevant vendor information up-to-date

Creates timelines & schedules based on translator’s ability to complete large and small projects, establishes a deadline agreeable with the client and the translator(s)
Meets or beats all project milestones and project schedule by timely processing of project deliverables

Tracks and documents all project data and information
Assists in preparation of bids including scopes of work and management of RFQ’s and bid queries

Delivers scope while meeting or exceeding Languages in Motion’s and Client’s standards for projects by ensuring all translations submitted are of high quality and according to client expectations
Ensures client satisfaction by calling and obtaining client feedback

At least 2-3 years of experience in a Project/Account/Relationship Management environment
Extremely capable and professional written and oral skills in American/Canadian English (complete fluency: native/near native level of fluency)
Thrives in a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial environment – passionate about his/her work
A Degree or Diploma from a recognized University
Excellent capability with Microsoft Excel
Adept capability within Gmail, Google Drive, Google Documents, MS Word, and Powerpoint
Professional phone and email etiquette
Competent with new software and computer applications
Provides a high level of customer service to both internal and external stakeholders
Develops relationships with internal and external project personnel and clients by working with integrity and empathy
Can work and communicate effectively with team members, clients, subcontractors, and the general public
Takes responsibility for the results of his/her work
Methodical by nature; works independently
Embraces change well
Contributes to the progress of the company via innovative thinking

Project Manager (PMP) Certification or CAPM Certification
Competent in Podio – Project Management in order to plan, track and coordinate projects considered an asset
Reading and comprehension of English legal and technical terminology, as well as familiarity with multiple languages
Understanding of the global Translation and Interpretation industry
Diploma or degree in Business Administration or MBA
Translation Studies in a second/third language
Ability to work with many different file formats i.e. PDF, JPEG, AI, DOC, etc.
Has worked in a fast-growth environment
Experience with CAT tools and TM software
Experience with TM Project Management Software