Administrative Assistant
Vancouver, BC

We are currently looking for Language Data Analysts who would be responsible for analyzing data in the language in question and identify potential issues. This data will be used to develop and improve speech recognition capabilitiesof Artificial Intelligence systems.

Job Duties

As a Language Data Analyst, you would be responsible for creating transcripts, analyzing data in the language in question, labeling and annotating data (e.g. putting time-stamps, marking noise, user intent, etc.)as well as grading.This data will be used to develop and improve Artificial Intelligence in the form of Virtual Assistants and improve their speech recognition capabilities. You will collaborate with our testing and engineering team to assist with recurring issues and test features.


  • Speakers of English Canada
  • Excellent listening, writing and spelling skills in your language
  • Good understanding of your country culture, familiarity with current affairs in that country
  • Meet daily KPI's
  • Ability to work from our Vancouver office
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility, ability to adopt and react to changing priorities quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to track, analyze, and report issues
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary

Salary: $2,200.00 /month