Assistant Project Manager
Alberici Enterprises
The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for the project and is accountable for satisfying The Company and the client in terms of quality, safety, timeliness and cost. The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for giving the client a satisfying construction experience and is accountable for managing a safe, effective and efficient project, adhering to The Company values, policy and procedures. The Assistant Project Manager may be assigned duties and responsibilities explicitly depicted in the descriptions of other Company role descriptions (i.e. Project Director, Project Manager, and/or Superintendent) as required by the existence of certain circumstances (i.e. size and complexity of the project, availability of qualified management/engineering personnel, etc.). The Assistant Project Manager is accountable for managing the project team and for ensuring subcontractors and suppliers perform as contracted. The Assistant Project Manager is also responsible for the financial performance of the project.

Assistant Project Manager incumbents are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the following core competency areas at the level necessary to manage projects of moderate scope.

Moderate scope projects are generally defined as a project or group of projects between $7,000,000 and $15,000,000 in annual construction cost; or projects with $1M per month billing for at least 7 - 15 consecutive months; or projects with over 300,000 manhours or 30,000 manhours per month for at least 10 consecutive months.

Expected results and key responsibilities include the following, other duties and responsibilities may be assigned:

Budget/Schedule/Cost Control
  • Develops, maintains, updates, distributes and manages estimates.
  • Informs Project Director/Project Manager of needed change orders and recommends a price for those change orders. As directed, negotiates and implements change orders, including addenda to the contract and how to spread the costs.
  • Manages and monitors the critical path on the master schedule. Manages and monitors all assigned aspects of the schedule.
  • Has the ability to see future problems/issues.
  • Manages to schedule requirements and prepares contingency plans to address nonconformance issues for The Company and subcontractors.
  • Identifies project-staffing needs.
  • Meets with the Project Director/Project Manager and Chief Estimator to understand how the project was envisioned during the bidding process.
  • Develops the overall plan for constructing the project, including methodology, means and master schedule.
  • Monitors tool and equipment usage and intervenes as necessary.
  • Requires extensive knowledge of cost accounting/reporting system, labor productivity, GC projection reports and expense projections to recognize and correct cost overruns and compensate for estimating mistakes.
  • Requires ability to make and communicate monthly updates to superiors and clients.
  • Ensures billing is done accurately and in a timely fashion to ensure a positive cash flow for the organization.
  • Monitors accounts receivable based on aged receivables reports. Contacts client or subcontractor to determine reasons for non-payment.
  • Controls expenses and costs on the project. Regularly studies the labor productivity report and budget status. Takes action as required to keep the project on budget.
  • Reviews and approves charges to the project.
Management Competencies

  • Possesses the ability to apply all utilized modules of project controls software as an effective management tool.
  • Ensures drawings are assembled, updated routinely and maintained.
  • Ensures and maintains as-built drawings.
  • Ensures all change orders are documented.
  • Ensures daily logs are maintained.
  • Reports and documents issues giving rise to potential claims and keeps PD/PM informed of these issues on a timely basis.
  • Ensures test reports, inspection reports and permits are maintained.
  • Ensures reporting and maintenance of all safety-related and quality management documentation.
  • Coordinates support functions including project start up with internal and external team members.
  • Manages the project according to The Company systems, policies and procedures to ensure it is effectively and efficiently constructed and coordinated.
  • Manages risk exposures on the project.
  • Ensures equipment and supplies with a long lead-time are ordered, and their delivery is monitored.
  • Conducts daily meeting with Superintendent to ensure coordination of the project.
  • Conducts regular meetings with subcontractors to coordinate activities, review progress and address issues. Communicates original schedule and schedule changes to subcontractors.
  • Reviews change orders and schedules them into the project.
  • Serves as the neutral arbitrator on jurisdictional issues.
  • Leads, models appropriate behavior and ensures the AQM philosophy is followed throughout the project.
  • Builds a positive, results-oriented culture among the project team. Challenges the project team to achieve results they may not think is possible.
  • Observes and monitors the performance of the Superintendent. Provides ongoing feedback and coaching to enhance their performance.
  • Effectively manages change order and billings process and directs meetings.
  • Successfully manages subcontractors including dispute resolutions and timely processing of pay requests.
  • Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with subcontractors.
  • Monitors subcontractor performance, relying on direct observation, observations of the Superintendent and Project Manager, labor productivity reports, etc.
  • Approves subcontractor invoices for payment. Compares work billed with work performed and keeps them in balance.
  • Manages all labor relations and jurisdiction.
Construction Means and Methods

  • Ensures the project meets quality and performance specifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Conducts daily inspections of the project to ensure work is being done appropriately.
  • Serves as a liaison with local inspectors.
  • Ensures project complies with the Company’s quality management procedures.
  • Effectively manages the start-up of the project.
End User Interaction

  • Builds and maintains a positive working relationship with the client and the client’s agents.
  • Understands key issues of the client’s business and factors critical to the operation of the facility/processes on site.
  • Ensures the project is constructed and delivered as contracted. Ensures all systems and equipment function properly at the conclusion of the project.
  • Keeps the client apprised of developments in the project, including any change orders that may be needed, change in timelines, etc.
  • Maintains high accessibility to the client and the client’s agents through regular meetings, calls and correspondence. Promptly responds to questions and concerns. Follows through on commitments to the client.
  • Positions The Company for repeat business with the client. Stays alert for subsequent projects. Discusses business leads with the Project Director/Project Manager.

  • Thorough knowledge of SafeRing policies and practices.
  • Knows, practices and enforces the Company safety policies and procedures. Models and reinforces safety as the top priority on the project site. Always wears a hard hat and other appropriate personal protective equipment in the field.
  • Ensures the project site is safe.
  • Establishes clear safety expectations for all on the project site, including subcontractors and visitors.
  • Implements safety incentive program, if there is one for the project.
  • Monitors the project site for compliance with safety policies and practices and corrects any safety violations.
  • Takes appropriate action (including disciplinary action) when adequate safety measures have not been taken.
  • Ensures accidents are reported and investigated in accordance with company policy.
  • Documents safety violations.
  • Reviews costs against estimates for each total project and tracks variances weekly.
  • Accountable for change management process.
  • Updates labor productivity reports weekly. Reviews trends from week to week. Makes appropriate changes in the field.
  • Verifies and approves contract personnel timesheets weekly.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Project Manager/Project Director, serves as the acting Project Manager/Project Director in his/her absence.
Management Responsibilities

Manages and directs Superintendents and non-supervisory administrative employees. Is responsible for the overall direction and management of these employees.

BS Degree in Engineering, Construction Management, Architecture or related field and 2 to 5 years experience in project engineering, construction project management or related activities with exposure to projects of moderate scope.

Alberici is an equal opportunity employer. Appropriate accommodations will be provided upon request throughout the recruitment and hiring process.

**Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please be sure to continually visit our website for other related positions.