SQL Data Analyst
Toronto, ON
We are looking for a SQL Data Analyst who will take over a part of an existing developed project. As we continue to grow, our current team needs to keep up with demand for our software and services. You will be maintaining, supporting and executing analysis and SQL code on a proprietary marketing system. Critical to this role is the ability to professionally and quickly respond to inquiries while managing competing priorities under stress with grace. It's expected that you are well familiar with SQL.

  • Build and maintain SQL scripts and complex queries for data analysis and extraction for varies projects
  • Learn our internal tools and execute necessary tasks
  • Complete regular ad-hoc analyses by translating raw data into useable information and insights
  • A/B testing for campaign treatments
  • Analyze changes in usage behaviours, identifying trends
  • Profiling and trending of customer segments
  • Cohort based investigations tied to performance gains and losses
  • Dashboards (using SQL dashboarding/visualization) for performance metrics
  • Interpret analytics driven insights to help understand growth drivers, and recommend approaches and solutions
Qualifications & Education

  • Proficiency in SQL. While code modification is not your immediate task, it's expected that you will be able to read the code (mainly Postgres SQL code, pl/PgSQL functions and SQL with Python backend integration)
  • 2-5+ years of experience as a SQL analyst, DBA, marketing analyst or related technical role
  • 2-3+ years in data analytics, business intelligence or finance related roles
  • Knowledge of Google AdWords is beneficial