Volunteer - Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)
St. Joseph's Care Group
Thunder Bay, ON

Position: Hospital Elder Life Program Volunteer

Purpose: The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is a quality enhancement program provided at St. Joseph’s Hospital that seeks to improve the hospital experience of hospitalized older clients. HELP utilizes specific interventions and specially trained volunteers to keep older people oriented to their surroundings, mobile within the limitations of their physical condition while meeting their needs of nutrition, hydration and sleep.

Requirements of the Role:

Under the direction of a staff supervisor, the volunteer will:

  • sign in and out in the Volunteer Lounge
  • wear name tag
  • participate in Volunteer & HELP orientation
  • communicate issues as they arise
  • call in to staff supervisor in advance to notify of lateness or absence
  • adhere to the volunteer position description
  • adhere to all policies and procedures
  • adhere to all health and safety requirements
  • respect the confidentiality appropriate to all issues

Tasks/Activities and Responsibilities

  • Building positive relationships with both the clientele, staff and volunteers
  • Sharing knowledge, skills, talents and experience
  • Establishing rapport with HELP clients
  • Facilitating interventions with HELP clients
  • Documenting details of HELP interventions
  • Communicating with HELP coordinator
  • Adhering to volunteer role description, policies and procedures, and all health and safety requirements

Experience/Qualifications Required:

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills and Experience

  • Have good interpersonal skills to interact with volunteers, clients and staff
  • Be pleasant, caring, punctual, reliable, and trustworthy
  • Be patient, caring and compassionate
  • Be able to follow direction and posses good communication skills
  • Demonstrates good judgment and work as part of a team
  • Leadership experience is an asset
  • Strong belief in SJCG’s mission, vision and values
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Flexibility and patience

Benefits to the Organization:

  • Assist volunteers and staff to achieve SJCG’s Mission

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • HELP creates a valuable experience for volunteers.
  • Increased interaction with clients makes the program unique
  • Appealing to those looking to pursue a career in health care or looking to volunteer in a comprehensive program.
  • have broad input and impact on behalf of SJCG’s Volunteer Services
  • develop leadership skills

Job Type: Volunteer

Job Type: Volunteer


  • Thunder Bay, ON (Required)