Production Operator
HFI Pyrotechnics Inc
Prescott, ON
HFI Pyrotechnics Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company located near Prescott, Ontario, which manufactures a range of military and consumer non-lethal pyrotechnic devices and maintains a culture of continuous improvement throughout its organisation. We are currently looking for knowledgeable, enthusiastic, talented employees to assist in this process.

Position: Production Operator

Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Production Operator is responsible for assisting in activities throughout the manufacturing facility.
Setting up and operating manufacturing equipment as per Standard Work procedures.

The ideal Job Candidate will:
Prefer a role where a very methodical and systematic work style is necessary, with consistent attentiveness to established, proven processes and procedures.
Be a team-oriented individual, receptive to other’s perspectives, and preferring group consensus when involved in decision–making activities.
Have an interest in developing and demonstrating knowledge and skillfulness with tasks and responsibilities.
Tend to seek a role in which guidelines are provided and there is opportunity to check with others when required and by the opportunity to improve their skills.
Be motivated by measurable goals, an opportunity to develop structures and systems and input on how they can improve their performance.
Employ an analytical approach to review information, facts and capabilities.
Be perceived as calm, stable and patient, and display a relaxed and composed approach to interactions and relationships.
Prefer to assist rather than organize others and avoids errors by being engaged in work activities where applying established practices and systems minimize uncertainty and helpful supervision is available.
Be more comfortable with actual content and be less accepting of abstract ideas and approaches.