Kitchens & Dining co-worker Full-Time / Rotation - every other weekend
Vancouver, BC
Position Description:
Increase sales by qualifying customers based on specific needs, utilizing effective selling skills and tools to strengthen IKEA’s position as the best home furnishing store.

Responsibilities will include:
  • Ensure a positive shopping experience by greeting visitors, being visible and available at all times and managing first contact resolution.
  • Provide customers with accurate product information by determining their needs, offering solutions, alternatives and add on sales that meet these needs and contribute to your department’s sales goals.
  • Maintain BASIC ACTIONS in your department, focusing on mechanical sales and "In Shape as New", always operating at IKEA Commercial Review standards
  • Maintain racking aisle and ensure safety of area
  • Follow up with Shopkeepers to ensure racking is put away properly
  • Help organize racking for large scale changeovers
  • Arrange for racking in SGF to be brought down and returned when finished
  • Keep current with inventory of racking and order proactively for store needs
  • Update yourself on the stock supply situation in your department at the start of each shift and sales steer to what is available today.
  • Know and actively work with your departments 3 Aces & King, "A" stock, priority products and the Commercial Calendar to optimize sales.
  • Share product benefits and information with customers
  • Provide visitors with a positive shopping experience by ensuring customer convenience standards in your sales area are met or exceeded
  • Ensure merchandise is presented according to IKEA standards and is properly labeled and signed
  • Adhere to inventory control procedures
  • Use available resources to educate yourself on product features, services and customer selling techniques
  • Contribute to an environment where the IKEA Culture is a strong and living reality that embraces the diversity of co-workers and customers
  • Assume responsibility for other tasks and projects as they occur
Key requirements & qualifications for this position:
  • Proactive and courteous customer approach
  • General knowledge of racking and installation
  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to share your knowledge and learning
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interest in home furnishings
  • Computer aptitude
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. (25 kg)