Ministry of Health
Whitby, ON
The Ministry of Health, Emergency Health Services Division offers this exciting opportunity to lead Ministry Ambulance Service Review teams in the evaluation of air and land ambulance service providers, base hospitals and central ambulance communications centres.

NOTE: Frequent travel across the province is required.

What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role, you will:
  • Plan reviews, recruit consultants and lead teams in the evaluation of service operators and in determining compliance of base hospitals and ambulance communication centres.
  • Prepare reports and recommendations related to findings.
  • Advise clients on certification and review programs.
  • Provide input to standards, legislation and certification criteria.
How do I qualify?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  • You know provincial ambulance service governance, operations, standards and regulations.
  • You can interpret and apply relevant legislation (e.g. Ambulance Act).
  • You know how to use program monitoring tools, performance auditing and evaluation methodologies, documentation methods, inspection, investigation, certification and licensing methods.
  • You have knowledge of communication services and standard operating procedures/policy/skills, relevant legislation (e.g. Ambulance Act & Regulations), policies, standards and guidelines, ambulance service certification criteria.
Analytical Skills
  • You have knowledge of analytical and evaluation methodologies to analyze observations from quality assurance reviews and identify areas of non-compliance and recommend corrective actions.
  • You can identify implications of issues and impacts (see the 'big picture') and recommend where there is a need for change.
Leadership, Organizational and Planning Skills
  • You have demonstrated leadership, organizational, planning and co-ordination skills to co-ordinate/oversee/evaluate the work of teams and consultants.
  • You can plan and organize activities, review and produce deliverables within prescribed time frames.
  • You have the ability to deal with multiple, changing priorities and competing demands.
Communication and Consultation Skills
  • You have proven communication and consultation skills to liaise and share information with ambulance service providers, base hospitals and communication services.
Additional Information:Address:
1 Permanent, 590 Rossland Rd E, Whitby, Central Region, Criminal Record Check
Compensation Group: Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario
Understanding the job ad - definitions
Schedule: 6
Category: Health and Social Services
Posted on: Friday, November 22, 2019

The successful candidate will be required to undergo a satisfactory criminal reference check prior to the commencement of employment.
In accordance with the Ontario Public Service (OPS), Employment Screening Checks Policy (ESCP), the top candidate(s) may be required to undergo a security screening check. Refer to the above to determine the screening checks that are required for this position.

You will be responsible for obtaining the criminal record check at your own expense and provide it, along with your written consent, to the Transition and Security Office (TSO), Talent Acquisition Branch (TAB), HR Service Delivery Division (HRSDD) to evaluate the results. If applicable, the TSO, with your written consent, will request and obtain any additional employment screening checks that were not obtained directly by you. (Note: If a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check is required, it must also be obtained in person at your local police service).

A record under the Criminal Code and/or other federal offence record(s) does not automatically mean you will be ineligible for the position. The employment screening check(s) will only be reviewed and evaluated by the TSO for the purpose of making a security clearance decision. The details of an individual's employment screening check(s) will be considered in specific relation to the duties and responsibilities of the position being filled. Employment screening check records will be maintained by the TSO and kept strictly confidential.