Ranch Hand
Edge-Hughes Cattle Company
Cochrane, AB

Edge-Hughes Cattle Company is a working ranch, consisting of 450 head of cattle. 340 cows and 50 first-calf heifers are calved out yearly. 60 yearling heifers and 20 bulls are fed and managed through-out the year. Animals are contained on 3 different parcels of land, requiring highway driving to get to and from the different pasture lands and groups of cattle. Calving is conducted primarily in April and May, branding in June, and breeding in July-August. Weaning takes place in October when calves are sold, and pregnancy checking is typically in November. Cattle are grazed in the summer and fall, and moved from pasture to pasture on horseback. They are fed by tractor & bale processor in the winter months and early spring. Swath grazing is also conducted. The operation is located south of Cochrane, Alberta.

Company Operating Name: Edge-Hughes Cattle Company

Position/Job Title: Ranch Hand

Business Address: PO Box 1581, Cochrane, AB T4C 1B5; 252141 Highway 22 South, Rocky View No. 44, AB T4C 1B5

Terms of employment: Full time, permanent; Flexible hours, but a minimum of 30 hours per week; up to 50 hours per week during calving season; Must be willing to work weekends; Valid driver's license required

Wage: $15 per hour

Location of work: South of Cochrane, Alberta - 252141 Highway 22 South, Rocky View No. 44, AB T4C 1B5

Education: No minimum education experience required.

Work experience: At least 3 years of relevant experience as a farm-hand. Knowledge and experience in animal husbandry as it pertains to cow/calf operation required. Must be able to ride a horse

Benefits: Extended Health

Duties: Calving out cows and calf management (first calf-heifers & mature cows); Recognize and assist in the treatment of bovine diseases and injuries, being proficient in the usage of the correct medication and dosages; Feeding cattle, maintaining adequate pastures, and using and understanding electric fencing systems; Handling of cattle during vaccinations, branding, and pregnancy checking; Skill in horsemanship, cattle round-up or sorting, and field-doctoring of animals; Repair and maintenance of fences, corrals, and buildings; Maintain and monitor water supplies; Maintain and operate machinery (tractor, bail buster, ATV, etc.) as it pertains to a bovine feeding program; Hauling of cattle and feed using truck and trailer

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $15.00 /hour