Safety & Quality Manager
Canadian Helicopters Limited
Enfield, NS

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Actively administrate and continuously improve the requirements of the Safety Management System for its Halifax Offshore operation.
  • Write safety policy, procedures and instructions to maintain compliance of SMS to the requirements of ICAO Annex 19, Transport Canada and Occupational health regulations.
  • Implement the requirements of the Company Quality Assurance Program within Halifax Base.
  • Maintain and develop an effective annual program of staged audits across the Halifax base operations in accordance with the Audit Management Tool and based on Regulatory requirements, Client requirements and CHO’s own in-house standards and guidance material.
  • Ensure that Base Safety Officers conduct an effective program of Base audits.
  • Ensure that vigorous and dynamic Safety Programs are in place within the Halifax operations.
  • Ensure occurrence and hazard Coruson are completed within the appropriate time frame.
  • Submit mandatory or required reports, as directed, to the appropriate authorities (airworthiness, quality or HSE) within the required time frames.
  • Conduct occurrence and hazard investigations that serve as a basis for preventative actions, corrective actions and continuous improvement.
  • Conduct internal and external audits and inspections that serve as a basis for preventative actions, corrective actions and continuous improvement.
  • Conduct risk assessments, formal risk assessments, Safety Case and Bowties
  • Conduct Management of Change
  • Ensure that personnel within Halifax Base operations receive the appropriate level of induction and ongoing training in SMS requirements. i.e. classroom training
  • Assisting in the development of the computer-based safety and quality tool Coruson.
  • Ensure that a dynamic and effective Flight Data Monitoring Programme is in place.
  • Produce trend analysis that results in recommendations for the continuous improvement of the SMS.
  • Produce CHO leadership reports.
  • Produce High-quality occurrence investigations.
  • Produce High-quality audit reports.
  • Produce and Chair Safety Meetings, Action Group Meetings and Annual Review Meetings.
  • Complete HSE and client specific reports required by the client and the regulators
  • Daily communication with contractors, vendors, oil and gas aviation advisors and senior managers.
  • Attend and participate in client meetings and workshops
  • Contribute to support commercial tenders and contracts.
  • Provided Safety support and guidance to the Flight Operations Manager, Base Manager, Person Responsible for Maintenance and Base Coordinator
  • Support Company personnel at all levels in achieving safe and effective Flight Operations, Maintenance Operations and Ground Operations.
  • Actively liaise with the Management Team so as to improve communication and insight
  • Engage with organizational department to foster and develop positive safety climate and culture.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $46.15 /hour


  • Previous offshore helicopter operation safety and quality: 5 years (Preferred)
  • as a pilot or engineer or aviation related skillset: 5 years (Required)


  • Bachelor's Degree (Required)