Mathematics and Science Institute
Toronto, ON
We have high expectations from our tutors. We expect the best because we strive to offer our students the best. Aside from the number of years of experience and academic credentials required, we look for people who are personable, self-motivated, and well organized. MSI tutors have a great deal of personal responsibility to their students.

MSI offers a wide range of services. We are interested in having both full time and part time people on our team. Qualified candidates will be eligible for promotion within the company.

Tutoring experience, qualifications, and expectations:
To be eligible for employment, tutors must have a minimum of 3 years of tutoring experience. This experience must include 3 years of recent experience tutoring according to the Ontario math and science curriculum. Knowing what is expected from students in their high school math and science courses is a must. In addition, experience tutoring students from the TDSB is mandatory. Here at MSI, we work with a variety of students from a variety of public and private schools in Toronto. Preference will be given to those candidates who also have school specific knowledge, and can help prepare their students according to specific school and teacher expectations.

In terms of academic requirements, although we do not require you to be a university graduate, post-secondary educational completion is preferred. You must also be able to tutor advanced mathematics and sciences up to a minimum of grade 12. You must also be comfortable with the questions that are found in Toronto high school textbooks. You must be able to answer questions found in these texts in a clear and enlightening fashion. Here at MSI we have many AP, gifted, and university students. So those applicants with a very deep understanding of the subject material, and who can tutor mathematics and sciences at the 1st and 2nd university year level in subject areas such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, differential equations, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be given strong preference. Applicant’s who have university degrees and / or are finishing a degree in math or science, are also given strong preference. Please note: although those with a provincial teaching certificate and / or teaching experience are welcome to apply and encouraged to do so, this does not give you preference over those without one or those without teaching experience. Those with a great deal of experience tutoring up to and including the more advanced mathematics and sciences will be given strongest preference.

Specific Skills

Being able to take difficult concepts and explaining them in a variety of simple ways suited to your students’ individual learning style is a must. In addition, being able to clearly explain these concepts in fluently spoken and / or written English is also a must. Aside from demonstrating this in the interview, eligible candidates will also demonstrate this ability on the communications part of their assessment test..


All applications are to be submitted online to the email address located at the top of this page, or in person at the street address found at the bottom of the page. Eligible candidates will be contacted by phone for an interview.

In your application, you should include the following:
  • A short bio telling us a little bit about yourself. If this is found in the cover letter of your resume, please indicate this in your email.
  • Your cover letter and resume clearly indicating your high school and / or university tutoring experiences, your level of education, and degree type.
  • How much exposure and experience you have working with and tutoring students from Toronto and the GTA.
  • Any teaching experience you may have.
  • The subjects you are strongest in and are most comfortable tutoring. (Please be specific, as it is important for us to know what level of tutoring you can do.)
  • Availability (note: flexibility is a must).
References are required if you are asked for an interview.

Applicants: Job inquires should be sent to paul@matsci.ca. Please be sure to include all verifiable credentials with your application.