Senior Research Associate I, Process Development
Gilead Sciences
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Job Description
Sr. Research Associate I, Process Development – Alberta

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-based biopharmaceutical company founded in 1987. Together we deliver life-saving therapies to patients in need. With the commitment and drive you bring to the workplace every day, you will be part of a team that is changing the world and helping millions of people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Our worldwide staff is a close community where you can see the tangible results of your contributions, where every individual matters, and everyone has a chance to enhance their skills through ongoing development. Our scientific focus has resulted in marketed products that are benefiting hundreds of thousands of people, a pipeline of late-stage drug candidates, and unmatched patient access programs to ensure medications are available to those who could otherwise not afford them. By joining Gilead, you will further our mission to address unmet medical needs and improve life by advancing the care of patients with life-threatening diseases.

Gilead Sciences in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is seeking a knowledgeable and motivated professional capable of working effectively in a multi-disciplinary team environment. The successful candidate will assume a full-time employment role in the capacity of Sr. Research Associate I, Process Development in Gilead Alberta’s CAPO department.

This individual will assist, primarily from lab based activities, process chemistry activities for pharmaceutical APIs. These activities will include scale-down model development and qualification, process optimization, robustness studies, formal process characterization and risk assessments, and process validation. In addition, this individual will support process technology transfer activities, due diligence, and facility fit assessment for internal and external manufacturing facilities.

Specific Job Responsibilities:
Co ll a bora t e s w i t h t e a m m e m ber s to solve API process manufacturing prob l e ms
Pla n s an d e x e c u t e s as s ig ne d e x per i m e n t s t h a t s uppor t P ro c e s s Deve lo p m en t a c t i v i t ies an d pro je c t goa l s .
Executes rea c t io n s and makes ob s erva t io n s dur ing rea ct io n , w or k -u p an d i s o l a t io n .
Se le c t s appropr iate m e t hod s an d te c hn iq ue s in per f or m ing e x per i m ent s .
Rec o m m en d s a l t erna t i ves , r e s ear c he s ne w m e t hod s an d t e c hn iq u e s an d pro a ct i ve ly s ee k s ou t s en ior per s onne l t o d i s c us s p o t en t ial s o l u t io n s t o prob l e m s .
Effectively interprets data, draws conclusions and communicates results to project and leadership teams
Uses goo d verba l c o m m u n i c a t ion an d int erper s ona l s k il l s t o prov ide i n s ig h t into t h e pro c es s e s u s e d t o a c h ie v e re s u l t s o f as s ig ne d t as k s .
Dem o n st ra t e s ab i li t y t o r e c ogn i z e ano m a lo u s an d in c on s i s t en t r e s u l t s an d int erpre t e x p e r i m en t a l ou tc o m e s .
S k il l s in da t a ana l y s i s (e.g. UPLC, HPLC, NMR, mass spec, etc.) a n d ab ili t y t o eva lu a t e qua li t y o f da t a .
Wo rk s w i t h c o ll aborat i v e c o m m un i c a t ion an d prob lem s o l v ing s p ir i t .
Al w ay s w or k s w i t h s a f e t y in m in d .

Specific Education & Experience Requirements:
2+ years of industry experience (medicinal/process chemistry preferred) with BSc in a relevant scientific discipline.
0+ years of experience with MSc degree - Chemistry (organic chemistry focus).

For Current Gilead Employees and Contractors:
Please log onto your Internal Career Site to apply for this job.