Outreach Worker/Social Worker(Seniors)
Strathcona Place Society
Edmonton, AB

We are looking for an innovative, vision seeking, tech savvy, outside the box individual who will help our team continue to blaze ahead in innovative ideas that utilize technology. The individual should also have project facilitation experience including grant seeking, grant writing, project proposals, project presentations, statistics, and project reporting. We are looking at new innovative ways to provide social services to our seniors that are outside the box and far reaching.


A community based senior centrelocated in the University area serving all of greater Edmonton's 55+ community by connecting seniors with their local community resources. In our Outreach Department, we have theStrathcona Place Outreach Teamthatisaninterdisciplinary, multicultural, and inclusive team consisting of student interns across various professional health studies such as community support, social work, sociology, psychology, medicine, behavioural science, health care aid, nursing, and many more. They utilize the Outreach Workers Toolkit in their work with seniors who need social services, referrals, and advocacy. The administration is joined by a team of student interns from fund development, business administration, marketing, social media, etc... Our 55+ Services and Activitycentrehas various programs and activities to bring seniors together, with a community cafe on site, and community outreach services.

Outreach Services to Seniors

The Outreach Workerwill support the Outreach team in administering outreach services to the 55 plus community of South West Edmonton. The Outreach Worker will be responsible for the client intake, assessment, and management of case files and reviewing the information provided to the client. The Outreach Worker will determine if the services provided are the best fit for the specific needs of the client and if not, to provide the most suitable community resources or provide alternative solutions.You will identify and assess the needs of isolated seniors found through community engagement and case finding to provide them with outreach services and support existing programs in the community.The Outreach Worker will also facilitate and assist the Outreach Team in facilitating group sessions for the 55+ community based on the identified needs of the community. The Outreach Worker will bring their background of study into the perspective of an Outreach Team and encourage the growth and development of the Outreach Interns by bringing their own individual backgrounds of education and professional experiences to their fullest potential in helping serve our communities. There will be a multicultural and inclusive approach to Outreach with engaging community work by attending events in the community, doing presentations and attending workshops/sessions/seminars/meetings/etc.

Support Training of SPOT Team:

The Outreach Worker will have the responsibility of Continuing Educational Program of the SPOT Internshelping with the education portion of the SPOT Team under the Outreach Coordinator. The Outreach Worker will provide education and training in social work theories and practices, aboriginal and newcomer understanding, cultural diversity, homeless issues, mental health, resilience, health, disabilities and related topics by providing a challenging learning and teaching environment that advances Senior Outreachto the SPOT Program. The Outreach Worker will provide support and supervision of the Intern’s progress and promote an extensive clinical practice experience for the interns and students.The Outreach Worker will also facilitate Outreach Programs for seniors including but not limited to Information Sessions, Medical Information, Community Resources, Sexual Awareness, Elder Abuse, etc…

Special Outreach Projects

The Outreach Worker will identifyopportunities for improving and supporting the 55+ community across all communities including work with multicultural groups and agencies, intergenerational issues, and homelessness. Conduct follow up calls to monitor clients using telephone, email, drop ins, occasional home visitation, and other means of communications to look for new issues that may arise as part of our isolation prevention and networking creating strategy. Some home visitation work in special cases will be done as well as offsite community and workshops/sessions/seminars/meetings will be done to keep up to date with development/research of current senior resources.Creating, developing, and improving projects. They will have to plan, coordinate, looking for funding sources, write applications for and maintain these projects.These projects may involve interagency collaborations, technological, age friendly, and multicultural initiatives and approaches.

The successful candidate will have the following skills:

  • Excellent communication skills to act as an ambassador for the interns
  • The ability to work with the entire team at the Centre, not just outreach
  • The ability to follow instructions
  • The ability to join in when the entire team has projects on the go.
  • Reliable and able to work independently and in a team while providing leadership
  • Ability to work on multiple caseloads, reviewing information and resolving conflicts
  • Detailed follow up on case files, making detailed case notes and intended next actions
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment with multi-complex cases and manage their time efficiently
  • Produce statistics and reports of work completed, utilizing software and apps
  • Assist in the coordination, training and support a multicultural and inclusive student team
  • Participate in theresearch,planning and implementation of workshops, groups, Outreach programs, and special events of the Outreach Team and Centre
  • Other duties as assigned/required by the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director
  • Ability to use apps to communicate with others, use of a cell phone, texting ability.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • A graduate in a related area of study (social work, nursing, medical, social/human services, psychology, therapy, counselling, etc.)
  • Registered Social Worker Designation
  • Have own licensed and registered vehicle with $2 million auto liability insurance, will occasionally transport seniors for Outreach services
  • Excellent computer skills with Microsoft Office required (especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel) for imputing data into trackers and reviewing client logs
  • Ability to learn and utilize new software
  • Obtain a satisfactory Police Information Check Certificate including Vulnerable Sector Check from the police agency in the jurisdiction in which they reside

Ability to fit into and reflect the team culture of kindness, cooperation, and timeliness

Job Types: Part-time, Contract


  • social work(can be field placement/practicum): 1 year (Preferred)
  • working with seniors: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Driver's Licence (Preferred)
  • RSW (Preferred)