Asst Auditor - Bar Inventory Vancouver
Barmetrix Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

Barmetrix Vancouver is growing and needs talented and professional people to join us.

We help our clients control cost by performing regular stock takes and reporting. We need young dedicated and like minded team members to work early mornings with us.

Often starting at 6am - we lift, crawl, sort and organize stock to accurately calculate the SOH.

We respect:

  • Punctuality - if 6am is a problem for you please don't apply!
  • Accuracy - be prepared to count and count again until we KNOW we are right.
  • Willingness to learn - Everyone on the team started counting bottles and we are now offering full time work and competitive salaries to those who have proven their dedication and ability.
  • Transportation & Mobility - we are often in 3-5 different places a day and need to move around. A car is not needed but a good knowledge of transit and the ability to be anywhere downtown by 6am is a must. Our most successful candidates live in the downtown area.

Students - We love students who can have an open availability in the mornings.

This is a physical job and require someone to be able to lift a 75kg keg off the ground.

English is necessary. While many on our team have English as a second language, success will require the ability to train and discuss the days events in one common language.

A clean cut and professional appearance suitable for customer service is required.

A working knowledge of PC computers and Office is appreciated.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $15.00 /hour