Manager of Learning Experience Design
Lethbridge College
Lethbridge, AB
The Manager of Learning Experience Design leads the development and implementation of major program initiatives, curriculum projects, and teaching and learning strategies that support quality assurance and the College vision. This leader provides vision to the LXD team and takes an innovative approach to curriculum development by keeping current on educational trends in teaching, design, and technology and continuously analyzing the landscape of post secondary education.
This role requires a broad range of educational development experience as well as the ability to be adaptable and think outside the box when addressing complex challenges. This includes the ability to tackle intricate financial scenarios, and source talent to take on large scale and impactful projects.

The Manager of Learning Experience Design works collaboratively with academic leaders and other key stakeholders across the institution as well within the broader community and is responsible for providing leadership in academic integrity, advocacy, quality assurance and innovation regarding teaching and learning at Lethbridge College.

They play a key role in the development of collaborative partnerships and structures pertaining to synergies and joint initiatives stemming from the Academic Vision for leading and transforming Education in Alberta. They network with other educational stakeholders across the academic landscape in southern Alberta and beyond.

The Manager of Learning Experience Design needs to possess an aptitude for systems thinking and decision making under complex conditions and often uncertain circumstances. This individual needs to be able to create and implement strategies and model frameworks that positively influence the success of academic programming while playing a seminal role in advancing pedagogical discourse and innovative leadership strategies institutionally and beyond.

This leader could be described as innovative, current, proactive, flexible, responsive and passionate about providing deep learning experiences for students, instructors and the broader college community.

Job Duties

  • Provides support for the implementation of the Comprehensive Institutional Plan (CIP), Education Plan, and CTLI Initiatives
  • Provides vision and leadership for planning, developing, implementing, and assessing initiatives designed to support program and course curriculum development and innovation. This includes renewal/ redesign of existing courses/programs and the development of new courses/programs as well as the development of tools and resources for faculty in teaching and learning.
  • Committed to working with LXD team and the broader college community to provide a responsive and holistic approach to supporting programs
  • Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to develop and support initiatives that promote the continuous improvement of curriculum and teaching and learning
  • Works with other leaders in CTLI and the broader College community to build leadership capabilities among team members
  • Provides leadership to the LXD team as they support program leaders and instructors as they navigate through the course and program development and review
  • Takes a leadership role in designing, developing and evaluating curricula
  • Consults with and provides expertise to Deans, Chairs, and instructors in academic departments engaged in curriculum related work, including new program development, curriculum review activities, and assessment and instruction at the course or program level
  • Builds relationships with a wide range of stakeholders including department and program administrators (Chairs, Deans, Associate Deans, Managers and Directors) instructors, and corporate and community members
  • Acts as a resource and/or participates on cross-departmental teams regarding curriculum, including development of pathways for high school learners to college programs
  • Consults on curriculum elements of the program review and renewal processes. This includes sitting on program review steering committees and curriculum development sub committees.
  • Utilizes strong project management strategies; develops project plans in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure curriculum related projects are completed on time and meet quality guidelines
  • Co-creates and implements appropriate procedures and practices to support curriculum and course development and renewal processes
  • Works collaboratively and consults with Deans and Chairs to identify curriculum needs and determine how to best address these needs.
  • Researches, summarizes and communicates emerging trends and successful practices relating to curriculum and learning experience design, including assessment and learning pathways
  • Supports and engages in scholarly activity in support of department initiatives related to the enhancement of core competency development and learning
  • Supervises staff, assigns major projects and manages workloads; provides ongoing feedback to LXD members and completes yearly performance reviews
  • Coordinates and conducts regular meetings with LXD team
  • Approves payroll and leave requests
  • Markets services to internal and external stakeholders
  • Prepares communications for internal and external stakeholders, including website information, internal reports, media, and accreditation/program reviews
  • Manages curriculum development budget
Reporting Relationships:
  • Reports to the Associate Dean, CTLI
  • Works closely with the Associate Dean on major projects, to review the master program review schedule, and on the LXD budget
Required Qualifications
  • Masters degree in Education or related discipline
  • Significant and successful teaching experience
  • Work experience in curriculum development at a program and course level
  • Evidence of professional development throughout career
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Demonstrated exceptional communication skills: written, verbal, and interpersonal and can work well with a variety of stakeholders
  • Proven efficacy in teamwork/ teambuilding skills and a commitment to collaboration
  • Strong facilitation skills in both small and large group settings
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Proven effectiveness in the management and supervision of staff and projects
  • Ability to work effectively with others, both on a departmental and institutional level to plan, assess, deploy, and evaluate initiatives, as required
  • Strong intellectual and analytical skills
  • Responsive, solution focused and possesses high emotionally intelligence
  • Self motivated, organized, detail oriented
  • Passionate and professional advocate of superior customer service
  • Establishes proactive, positive consulting relationships within the College and community, excellent at networking
  • Establishes priorities in managing multiple projects
  • Works effectively in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment
  • Able to prioritize and delegate projects to the LXD team and coach and support them in their projects and interactions
  • Demonstrated understanding and appreciation for the direction of higher education and the core principles of teaching and learning
  • Innovative and visionary while possessing an entrepreneurial spirit
Preferred Qualifications
  • Demonstrated success in a leadership role
  • Proficient with managing a budget
  • Experience with Open Educational Resources
  • Experience with Indigenization of Curriculum
  • Ability to bring in revenue generation projects