Montréal, QC
TandemLaunch is a unique Canadian start-up studio. We create high-value technology companies by combining industry-driven market opportunities, emerging frontier technologies from universities worldwide, and entrepreneurial leaders to forge new start-ups. We provide seed capital as well as critical operational and management support. We focus on commercializing innovations in consumer electronics, hardware-enabled technologies, machine-learning, and materials sciences, and operate all portfolio companies on-site in our Montréal, Canada workspace.

In conjunction with the interests and skills of our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs), the firm identifies novel university inventions to bring to market. A start-up is then formed and funded in stages totalling $600K over a 12-18 month incubation period during which time the EiR leads the new start-up with the goal of graduating the incubator and raising their first Series A venture capital investment after which they are spun-off, graduating as an indepedent company.

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are the heart of our start-up studio, the Co-Founders and leaders of our portfolio companies, and the innovative drive behind our success.

We are currently hiring for our April, June, and September EiR cohorts. It is possible under some circumstances however to change your starting date in certain circumstances.


> PhD (or MSc and relevant project experience) in computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, physics, or related subject.

> Strong C++/Java programming skills in a hardware-focused environment OR Python/MATLAB/other programming experience in machine learning or statistical modelling use-cases are always a plus.

While we nucleate start-up companies around technologies that cover a breadth of disciplines, some of our areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

> Machine-learning, optical physics, embedded systems, computer vision, nanoscale materials, neuroengineering, wireless communications, aerospace/UAVs, biometrics, energy harvesting, small-scale robotics, AR/VR hardware, and digital signal processing.


While EiRs are employees of TandemLaunch during their time in the incubator, they are also the co-founders of a new technology company which will eventually spin-off as an independent start-up. Hence, we also view them as entrepreneurial partners and portfolio investments in the same manner as any venture capital firm. As a result, strong technical communication skills, prior start-up experience, and entrepreneurial zeal are very highly valued.


Why build your company with us?

There are many incubators and accelerators out there, so why build a company with TandemLaunch? Our companies raise an average of $2.5M dollars of financing only 18 months after joining TandemLaunch. We offer venture growth and acceleration at unprecedented speed because:

  • We provide frequent, daily, personalized mentoring from our executives, as well as coaching and hands-on operational support;
  • We provide you $600,000 in seed financing;
  • We help match you with other vetted, skilled, motivated, and passionate entrepreneurs as co-founders;
  • We connect you to a deep network of industry partners in consumer technology and to hundreds of universities world-wide;
  • You learn from our combined experience having built 25 frontier technology companies out of inventions and IP originating from major academic centers such as Cornell University, Columbia University, Queen Mary University, McGill University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Caltech.