Back-End Development Intern
CoLab Software Incorporated
St. John's, NL

We are looking for a Analytics Focused Software Developer who is passionate about data and Big Data and motivated to combine data science skills, troves of data, and software skills to help develop innovative features. Responsibilities will include developing systems for capturing data from our application and analyzing the data for new value-adding features. As well, you will be developing a extensible framework to help develop analytics quickly and effectively. You will work closely with the team lead to help translate feature requests into analytics as well as working with front end developers to help present analytics to customers.


  • Develop systems for gathering data from our application
  • Identify uses and potential features from available data
  • Develop an analytics framework
  • Develop and iterate on application analytics


The following skills are preferred but certainly not required to be able to apply for the position. If you have interest in CoLab Software and believe you can learn quickly, please apply.

  • Proficient in Python
  • Proficient with various databases including big data storage
  • Solid understanding of data science
  • Familiarity with job queue systems such as RabbitMQ and Celery
  • Previous experience developing extensible frameworks would be a plus

Job Type: Internship