Senior Processing Geophysicist I
Calgary, AB
Will work on 2D, 3D, time or depth processing projects independently or mentor/supervise less experienced staff on projects which require two or more processors

Duties and Responsibilities:
Train and/or mentor others either formally or informally (requires significant amount of time)
Problem solve and troubleshoot more complex geophysical problems
Generally, be the person who will check Production jobs and peer reviews
Responsible to a large degree for doing day-to-day data QC
Able to process (or manage the processing) of several projects and people concurrently
Lead client meetings and present tests and processing steps performed
Complete assigned tasks and projects on time
Test and implement cutting edge signal processing and imaging technologies for complex problem solving
Take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of other employees, and comply with all instructions given regarding health, safety and the protection of the environment.
Ensure the correct use of safety devices and protective equipment as required and report any hazards, accidents or injuries to your immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements (Education and Experience):
Bachelor’s or higher degree in Geophysics, Geology, Physics, Math or equivalent knowledge level
Capable of being a Processing Expert in three or more areas.
Proficient in velocity model building
A minimum of 8 - 13 years of processing experience
Hands on experience in velocity model building and depth imaging of land and marine data
Experience in time processing of land and converted wave data would be an asset

Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities):
Demonstrates a high degree of innovation in tackling problems
Enjoys working in a team environment but can work independently.
Good grasp of geophysical and geological principles.
Advanced problem solving and multi-tasking skills
Ability to effectively organize teams and projects as well as motivation of team members
Knowledge of the business side of processing and dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of the customers
Strong leadership and decision-making skills
Proven history of leading successful teams and delivering quality products on time
Ability to run processing projects independently, lead client meetings representing the processing team, and communicate effectively with clients
Good communication skills
Proficient in the use of MS Office especially PowerPoint