Senior Home Support Leader
Clare Parker Homes
Regina, SK


Looking for support for 4 ladies in entering their senior years. They love being outside, people watching, and sunbathing. They are looking for support in an environment that where physical touch is a form of communicating comfort and reassurance due to multiple communication barriers. And environment that reflects what they value which is calm and quieter home.

The person for this must be aware of the impact noises, voice tones, and environmental factors play in supporting these individuals, comfortable with affection, comfortable providing personal care in a kind and respectful manner. Is comfortable working in collaboration with a mixture of people – with a diverse team from a range of backgrounds and an individual’s circle of support. Being stretched within your job and constantly learning new things about the person you work with and how to best support them.

General Accountability and Key Responsibilities:

The CPH Senior Home Supports Leader is directly accountable to their Home Supports Coordinator and indirectly to the Executive Director. He/she shall be directly accountable for providing high quality support to people, working together with their support team and Home Supports Coordinator to ensure that goals and objectives are met. Specifically,

  • Provide direct support to individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Ensure the individuals supported are living the highest quality of life.
  • Ensures the safety and wellbeing of the individuals supported.
  • Ensures medication is being administered correctly and individual prescriptions filled
  • Provides support and guidance to the Home Supports Team
  • Coordinates training and performance evaluations of Support Personnel.
  • Financial Management of home (i.e. Expenses, Payroll/timecards)
  • Networking among the individuals personal network
  • Ensured CPHs philosophy is being adhered to by all Support Personnel
  • Actively participates in monthly Leadership Meetings
  • The ability to manage and respond to crisis situations that may arise
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for employees and individuals supported.

This position reports directly to the Home Support Coordinator of CPH. Each team has approximately 4-10 full-time and part-time employees reporting to this role.

Senior Home Support Leaders are expected to support a minimum of 25 hours direct support in the home per week and be for on-call for the home.

The SHSL liaises frequently with the Home Supports Coordinator or the CPH Executive Director. Good relations must be developed and maintained with the people we support, their network (family, friends, and personal networks), CPH management personnel and other co-supports at CPH. Good external relations must be developed and maintained with Social Workers, health care professionals, agencies and community employers.

The most important decisions of the CPH Senior Home Supports Leader relate to quality of life and support provided to individuals particularly:

  • Ensuring that planning is done with the individual and network
  • Ensuring the service provided is of high quality and in harmony with planning and CPH philosophy.
  • Always working toward the individuals overall satisfaction. The Team Leader understands he/she is coming into the home/life of individuals served by CPH. The recognition of this must remain foremost in our minds. We must therefore respect their wishes in their service provision within the parameters of safety and quality of life. These parameter must be decided at the team level with the support of the individual, the family/personal network, funding bodies and community supports (where available).

The Authorities of this position includes:

  • Making personnel recommendations relevant to the assigned support team, in consultation with the individuals supported to the CPH Executive Director.
  • Developing and supervising direct service to all individuals served by CPH.
  • Managing budgeted support ours and program costs relevant to the team.
  • Primary responsibility for direct support team orientation.

Leadership responsibilities include:

Provides support schedules for the support team, which will ensure quality support for the individuals. Posts schedules at least (2) two weeks in advance.

  • Verify the accuracy of time sheets against the schedule before submitting them for payroll.
  • Double checks and submits time and expense sheets for their team to the office as per scheduled.
  • Coordinates and leads Team meetings, at least monthly. Invites Home Support Coordinators and Executive Director to.
  • Ensures proper accounting and reporting of finances for the support as well as any personal funds individuals may entrust to them.
  • Coaches, mentors, and assists employees in providing excellent individualized service including evaluating employee performance, building an effective team, developing employee performance plans, identifying training needs, applying corrective discipline as required, and participating in conflict resolution.
  • Ensures the support and equipment used meets safety requirements.
  • Adheres to requirements outlined in contracts and applicable legislation. Reports to social workers and other stakeholders as required.
  • Is an active member of the CPH Leadership meetings by attending all scheduled meetings, providing input and ideas, attending in-services, functions, team building activities and other as requested.
  • Ensures that all intervention data is maintained, recorded, and summarized, where necessary and reports progress to their Home Supports Coordinator and Executive Director.
  • As required is responsible for medication ordering and double checking the medication bubble packages when the order is received.

Required Leadership Competencies:

  • Team Builder: Able to implement a common purpose or goal among team members
  • Forward looking: Seeks solutions that will build toward future goals
  • Dependable: Consistent, reliable, available as needed
  • Creative: Able to find options, ideas and suggestions
  • Proactive: Able to think two steps ahead, foreseeing potential obstacles, challenges, or opportunities
  • Directive: Able to train others, clearly state job expectations, and delegate as needed
  • Basic Computer Skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Related post-secondary education is an asset.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • A proven, strong working knowledge and belief in CPH philosophy and Gentle Teaching.
  • Related Physical and/or Occupational therapy knowledge is an asset.
  • A good understanding of a rights and Supported Decision Making.
  • A working knowledge of the following:
  • Alternative communications
  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention techniques
  • Positive Behavioural Interventions

It is desirable that this position sees the importance of the individually oriented support plans for each person served. This position should also demonstrate both creativity and common sense when serving people.

  • Full job descriptions will be made available upon request and at the time of offer.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $47,000.00 /year


  • related: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Class 5 Drivers License (Required)