Customer service for $52,000/year? That's a career.
Saint John, NB
Loyalty specialist for Bell Canada customers, inbound calls

In most places, customer service is just an entry-level job. At Nordia, it’s the beginning of a career.

When we hire you, we want you to stay. We want you to succeed. We want you to tell your friends about us.

That’s why we pay well and we provide an exceptional work environment where you will learn, grow and develop new skills to maximize your potential.

So how much will you earn?

Our customer loyalty specialists start at $19.75/hr, but earn on average $25/hr* in total compensation . That includes base salary, premiums and bonuses. On top of that, we have a complete benefit plan and lots of other perks (such as great discounts on Bell telecommunication products and services).

OK. So what will you do?

As a customer loyalty specialist serving Bell Canada’s customers, you will anticipate their needs and explore every option to offer the best solution possible from among Bell’s market-leading products and services. For example, if they have questions about their account or services, you’ll work with them to ensure they understand the benefits, the features and all the options available to suit their needs.

Sound good? Here’s what you need to succeed:
You have a genuine desire to help others – customer service is your strength.
You’re great at paying attention to details; solving problems is something you enjoy.
You’re a solid multitasker, comfortable with a computer.
Finally, a flexible schedule is key – we have to be able to serve our customers when they need us (during the day, evening or weekends) – that’s what service is about!

We recognize your business centre experience!

We are always looking to hire the best. If you are currently a customer service champion in another contact centre, contact us at 506-636-6360 ext 6304 or at to find out if you qualify for our special program. We’ll make your switch to Nordia as smooth and rewarding as possible.

So what is it?

Same-old, same old or the beginning of your career at Nordia?

Apply now.

Did you know that for the last four consecutive years, more that 8 out of 10 employees recommend Nordia to their family and friends? That’s the best endorsement we can have! Click here to find out more Nordia and your next career move!

Class Starts February 4th 2019