Instructor-Literacy and Essential Skills Reading, Writing, Science, and Math (Casual)
Bow Valley College
Calgary, AB
We are currently accepting applications for casual employment (vacation cover off) for the role of Instructor-Literacy and Essential Skills Reading, Writing, Science, and Math, for Bow Valley College’s Centre for School of Foundational Learning (SFL).

Instructors in the SFL are responsible for providing instruction to adult learners; evaluating learner progress, designing and developing curriculum and instructional materials, and supporting learners in meeting the learning outcomes of their courses and programs. Detailed responsibilities include:

Provides Quality Instruction In Courses as Assigned

Instructs courses as assigned
Prepares and updates course syllabus/outline and content
Creates lesson plans and course schedule
Develops and updates curriculum, manuals and guides as requested by Coordinator(s)
Evaluates learner performance on an ongoing basis and provides learners and administrators with learner progress reports
Develops suitable assessment criteria
Maintains officials records as required

Provides a Positive Learning Experience for Students

Meets and/or contacts students regarding any academic issues (for example: attendance, conduct, performance)
Identifies areas of concerns and refers to the Lead Instructor Student Learning or the Program Coordinator if follow up is necessary
Refers students to the Lead Instructor Student Learning and other institutional supports as required (for example: tutoring, counselling)
Ensures that any special student accommodations are met (for example: reduced course load, vision impairments, hearing impairments, testing)
Supports the program in awarding of scholarships and bursaries
Participates in college and departmental events that promote student success (for example: orientation, open house, graduation)

Builds and Maintain Relationships with Internal and External Stakeholders and Promote the Department and the College

Keeps current regarding changes in industry and updates and revises curriculum as required
Assists with articulation and transfer activity as required
Meets with industry stakeholders and sits on Advisory Committees
Attends external community meetings
Participates in recruitment events as schedule permits

Other Duties/Special Projects

Follows College Policies and procedures
Completes any professional development requirements (for example: D2L; Agresso Student Module Training, Instruction Skills Training, FOIP)
Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements
Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree - required in a related field, B.Ed. preferred.
  • 2 years - direct literacy-based instructional experience.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills.
  • An equivalent combination of directly related education and experience may be considered.

  • Valid Alberta Teaching Certificate (Interim or Permanent).
  • Direct literacy-based instructional experience.
  • Experience working with adult learners.
  • General understanding of Essential Skills.
  • Experience working successfully in a team based educational setting.
  • Strong knowledge and skills in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Instructional experience in a related field or in a post-secondary environment would be considered.
  • Exceptional writing skills.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Competence working with an online delivery platform (i.e. D2L, Blackboard or Moodle).
  • Highly organized.
  • Instructional portfolio may be adjusted based on operational requirements or specialized qualifications
We are accepting applications for casual teaching opportunities through the spring/summer semester

Core Competencies

Building/Nurturing/Fostering Relationships & Organization-wide Perspective

Nurtures collaborative alliances and partnerships that benefit their department.
Develops and directs new articulations and partnerships.
Appreciates how diverse perspectives can benefit their faculty/department.

Models Agility

Reinforces change messages across teams and helps others adapt to different ways of doing business.
Communicates effectively the purpose and benefits of functional and faculty/department change initiatives, building the buy-in of a range of stakeholder groups.

Organization Advocacy

Looks for opportunities to “showcase” the organization’s capabilities.
Promotes the organization’s reputation as an innovative, entrepreneurial college that anticipates and responds to workforce realities and community needs.

Critical Decision Making

Considers multiple business factors (e.g. long term and short-term impacts; organizational and financial consequences) when weighing the merits of alternative strategies.
Makes time-critical decisions even though they may be difficult, sensitive or controversial.

Open Communication/ Listening

Informs department and/or affected individuals of possible implications of events occurring inside or outside the organization.
Promotes information sharing and open channels of communication within their department.

Please note all successful candidates will be required to provide government issued identification and proof of educational qualifications upon hire and may be required to provide an enhanced police information check.

Minimum Education Requirements
Bachelor's Degree
BVC CALGARY - CA (Primary)
Job Family
FTE Per Individual (%)
Closing Date
Employment Status
Commensurate with experience