Press Brake Set-up Operator
Mackow Industries Inc.
Winnipeg, MB

About Mackow Industries

Mackow Industries is a family run, ISO Certified steel fabricating company, serving world class customers in the transportation, mining and construction industries.


Press Brake Operators work with Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) metal fabrication machinery to form and fabricate raw materials into parts according to job specifications found on work orders and blueprints. Responsibilities include bending, cutting, shearing, and trimming raw material and parts, maintenance of machinery and work area, and moving and unloading cut material and completed parts to designated areas. The Press Brake Operator performs all levels of set-ups, drafts flat layouts, safely operates machinery, and conducts minor maintenance.

Must demonstrate skill in setting-up and adjusting machinery, interpreting job specifications, and in the safe operation of CNC metal fabrication machinery.


Must have 2 - 4 years prior work experience setting up machines, interpreting blueprints, drafting flat lay-outs, and operating CNC metal fabrication machinery. Given previous experience, 1 - 3 months of on-the-job experience is required to understand the manufacturing processes and systems used within the company.

Education and Training

The Brake Operator must possess a minimum Grade 12 high school education level or equivalent experience. Additional on-the-job training is provided. Mathematical skills and knowledge are required to calculate angles and measurements. Training in the safe handling of material, machinery, equipment, and tools is required. Operators must be able to read blueprints. Additional safety, hazardous materials, and machine operation training may be required and provided. The ability to understand and follow instructions in English is required for following assigned work orders and job specifications.

Key Functions and Responsibilities:

Review Work Orders and Set-up

  • Review work order to identify job specifications and required material and parts.
  • Locate, measure, and check quality of material to be fabricated.
  • Set-up, calibrate, and adjust machines and equipment to job specifications.
  • Prepare and organize raw material on pallets to maximize workspace.

Fabricate Parts

  • Operate brake, shear, and press machinery to form raw material into parts according to job specifications and blueprints from work orders.
  • Review completed work to ensure parts meet company and customer quality requirements in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • Load and unload completed material and parts onto pallets.
  • Track and record rejected parts, time cycles, production levels, and tool control.
  • Follow safety precautions and company guidelines.

Maintain Work Area and Machinery

  • Perform regular cleaning and maintenance duties on machines, tools, equipment, and work area by checking oil, changing oil filters, calibrating mechanisms, and checking for accuracy.
  • Deliver cut material and parts to other departments for the next stage in processing.
  • Complete duties as assigned by the Supervisor.

Core Competencies

  • Communication - ability to understand, and follow instructions and work orders from the Supervisor and co-workers.
  • Organization – ability to determine the most efficient order of multiple tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Attention to Detail – ability to identify and understand detailed job requirements and ensure job specifications are followed precisely.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - ability to assess information and determine appropriate action.
  • Organizational Commitment – actively supports the company production and quality goals.
  • Independence – ability to complete work with minimal supervision.
  • Work Ethic – ability to stay on task within defined work hours in order to achieve production and quality goals.
  • Stress Management - the ability to work efficiently in demanding situations.
  • Flexibility – ability to adapt to constant change in order to meet customer requirements.
  • Safety Knowledge – ability to safely complete work and operate machinery according to current safety rules and company procedures.

Technical competencies

  • Manual Dexterity - ability to use hands in repeated motions when grasping and manipulating mechanical equipment.
  • Hand/Eye Coordination – ability to estimate distances and speed of movement in order to efficiently manipulate objects and machinery with hands.
  • Mathematical Skills and Numerical Accuracy – ability to accurately count and calculate required materials, measures and dimensions.
  • Mechanical Aptitude – ability to use various tools, equipment, and machinery.
  • Visual Acuity - ability to see clearly to determine distances and shapes.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Brake Set-up and Operation: 2 years (Required)


  • Winnipeg, MB (Required)


  • english (Required)