Assistant Program Manager (ECDC)
Town of Drayton Valley
Drayton Valley, AB

The Town of Drayton Valley is committed to providing a quality childcare program within the Early Childhood Development Centre. We are seeking a candidate for a maternity leave position. Your assistance will be needed in bringing together a shared vision to aid in carrying out a curriculum to meet the needs of the children within the program. You must desire to exceed our customer’s needs and possess exceptional organizational skills and a strong work ethic. You must have a background in program implementation, planning strategies and a formed child care philosophy.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Act as first contact for inquiries from public – receiving and passing on complaints and inquiries on to proper personnel. Orientation of new families to facility.
  • Orienting new staff:
  • Providing tour of facility to new staff and clients
  • Introducing new staff to payroll process
  • Reviewing policies and procedures of Centre with the new staff
  • Posting billing on lockers monthly and reviewing with parents as needed.
  • To be familiar with and assist the supervisor and management staff with all emergency and safety procedures required.
  • Completing monthly safety inspections.
  • Preparing announcements for parents
  • Calculating attendance and auditing weekly
  • Calculating County vs Town attendance and tracking
  • Archiving old files, auditing children’s files for missing information, and gathering missing information from parents.
  • Assembling parent packages and new staff packages for the Child Care Centre.
  • Editing and maintaining parent and staff handbooks
  • Completing documents and assignments on the computer with accuracy, establishing the most effective and efficient systems, and initiating improvements for storing and filing paper and electronic documents and reports.
  • Remains up to date with all licensing requirements and preparations for licensing visits.
  • Assist in license renewal and accreditation site review on a three year rotation.
  • Act as a Town Representative with Boys and Girls Club or other associations that may require participation to help us benefit community.
  • Plans and organizes special events including but not limited to; workshops, community education of Early Childhood Development, field trips, special luncheons and speakers as approved by the Program Manager.

Financial Responsibilities

  • Receipting of parent fees as required
  • Preparing expense / grant excel workbook and filing receipts monthly.
  • Tracking grant expenditures
  • Invoicing drop in care and updating drop in calendar
  • Supporting parents with subsidy applications
  • Assisting with weekly deposits

To assist with the supervision of the facility and its immediate surroundings by:

  • Assisting staff with ratios for breaks as needed.
  • Ensuring the comfort and safety of the children at all times
  • Ensuring that facility misuse where necessary is documented and reported
  • Following all ECDC procedures and standards regarding the use of the facility.
  • Ordering required office materials as well as other supplies for the facility as requested by the Program Manager.
  • Maintaining visual integrity of the foyer area, brochure display areas, and bulletin boards; and to update the information displayed in these areas as required.
  • Supporting programming staff in preparation of accreditation materials.
  • Preparing year-end review of events for community and partners.
  • Assisting management with marketing the facility and its services by promoting the facility services where appropriate including workshops, and special programming.
  • Assisting Program Manager with staff performance appraisals;
  • Preparing promotional material, brochures, and posters for display within the centre or distribution.
  • Developing monthly newsletters and forwarding the same to identified agencies, businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  • Collaborating with sponsors to offer external programming
  • Collaborating with local agencies to communicate events to parents
  • Collaborating with Administration and the Childcare Operational Board in hosting community events
  • All other duties as assigned by the Program Manager.
  • Staff Scheduling for summer holidays, take 7 and planning days, sick days

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary


  • Administration: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Level II or III Early Childhood Qualification (Required)