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Orillia, ON
Are you an experienced professional looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your exceptional analytical, communication, project management and team leadership skills within an internal audit role? Consider these rewarding opportunities with the Ontario Internal Audit Division, where you will provide expertise and advice in risk management, business processes, operational effectiveness and internal controls.

What can I expect to do in this role?

You will:
  • conduct and/or lead a variety of complex projects in the areas of governance, compliance, financial management, special investigations, risk assessment and management
  • evaluate client needs and identify consulting and education services to improve operations
  • provide expertise, advice and consultation to clients on the use and evaluation of risk management and control strategies
  • provide team leadership to staff and assist with technical training and coaching
  • effectively manage relationships with clients and stakeholders
  • prepare and/or review reports and other communications for senior management
Note: These positions require the ability to travel, including periodic overnight travel.

How do I qualify?

Financial, Accounting and Audit Experience:
  • You have advanced knowledge of current audit practices and methodologies
  • You have experience in auditing, business risk management, internal controls and governance
  • You have knowledge of current standards relating to internal controls over financial reporting and compliance objectives
  • You have knowledge of financial and accounting principles (GAAP, PSAB), policies and processes to audit financial reporting and accountability frameworks/processes and ensure the accuracy and integrity of the client's financial information
Risk Assessment and Quality Assurance Experience:
  • You have comprehensive theoretical and applied knowledge of risk management frameworks and principles, practices, standards and methodologies (e.g. COSO, COBIT, Sarbanes-Oxley, Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Based Auditing, etc.)
  • You are able to utilize appropriate risk assessment and management methodologies to monitor, evaluate, report risks to senior management and identify risks and adopt risk mitigation strategies
  • You are able to perform design and implement risk assessment and quality assurance tools to meet the needs of government and external clients
Project Management Skills:
  • You have demonstrated project management and team leadership skills for successful execution of audit engagements (e.g. leading, supervising and coordinating audit activities)
  • You have experience in managing or conducting multiple complex audits
  • You are able to adapt to changing priorities and circumstances, meet deadlines, and manage concurrent projects within budget
  • You are able to coordinate/oversee the work of external consultants
  • You can manage conflicting work demands and meet deadlines within short time frames
Analytical and Data Extraction Expertise:
  • You have demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills to analyze processes and identify opportunities for improvement in a multi-dimensional environment
  • You have the ability to research and analyse multiple sources of information for the purpose of providing possible options and alternatives (e.g. with regards to the audit program, related risks, etc.)
  • You have experience in data extraction and analysis of information using spreadsheet and data extraction software (such as MS Excel, IDEA, etc.)
  • You have demonstrated experience using audit software and Microsoft office programs such as Outlook
Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
  • You have demonstrated oral and written communication and presentation skills to ensure reports are clear and concise and effectively communicate important issues to clients
  • You have demonstrated experience in preparing audit reports, recommendations, briefing materials, issues analysis and responses and other materials
  • You have demonstrated experience to identify options and advise senior management on significant issues resulting from audit findings and risk assessments
  • You have demonstrated experience interviewing stakeholders
  • You have demonstrated interpersonal and negotiating skills to assist clients at senior management level to identify risks and influence corrective action
  • You have demonstrated experience using word processing and presentation software (such as MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.) to help deliver these materials clearly and concisely to clients
Additional Information:Address:
2 Permanent, 777 Memorial Ave, Orillia, Central Region
Compensation Group: Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario
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Posted on: Monday, October 21, 2019

Note: Due to the work location (OPP General Headquarters), a Criminal Record Check is required.