Team Leader/Supervisor
Blue Heron Support Services Association
Barrhead, AB

Full -Time 40hrs/wk

Candidates should have experience working with Complex individuals with a focus in FAS and Mental Health.

Position Summary

Reporting to the designated Program Coordinator, the Team Leader provides direction and guidance to direct support staff in the development and implementation of programs, support plans and procedures for the individuals they support.

The Team Leader provides onsite/offsite support and supervision to staff on a consistent and regular basis to ensure the quality of services being provided. The Team Leader monitors direct support staff performance and team functioning ensuring that support is of high quality, adheres to the philosophy and policy standards of the association and promotes a natural and normal life for each individual receiving support.

The Team Leader is responsible for providing support to Individuals in accordance with Blue Heron’s philosophy, the Principles of Support and the Individual’s Personal Support plan and that facilitates the Individual’s growth, development and achievement of personal goals.

Specific Duties And Responsibilities

Staffing and Supervision

  • Ensure a complete and thorough program orientation for each new staff, according to policy, utilizing the orientation process and checklists as applicable.
  • Provide consultation and input to the Program Coordinator in developing and managing the team master schedules
  • Ensure staff complete all mandatory training,
  • Provide onsite/offsite support and supervision to staff on a consistent and regular basis.
  • Monitor ongoing performance of staff formally and informally. Evaluate staff performance in accordance with policy.
  • Review position descriptions with staff at annual evaluation.
  • Ensure personnel files are kept up to date and ensure confidentiality at all times.
  • Promote team building and open communication at all times.
  • Address staff issues, differences and grievances as they arise in an open, supportive manner. Document and relay major problems and staff grievances to the Program Coordinator.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings and ensure minutes are kept and any necessary follow-up completed.
  • Ensure all staff receives important association and program information.
  • Ensure staff understand risk management and are working towards identifying and minimizing risks.
  • Ensure the Human Resources department is aware of staffing needs and has a clear profile and understanding of requirements for suitable staff to support the individual and program needs.
  • As requested or required, participate with the Human Resources Department in the recruitment of staff as part of an interview team.

Individual Support

  • Ensure all new Individuals receive an orientation to the organization and relevant programs as appropriate.
  • Establish a supportive and effective relationship with each Individual that facilitates the development of independence.
  • Act as a role model and display appropriate responsible behavior. Ensure staff also maintains this standard.
  • Encourage a developmental approach with Individuals in an age and situation appropriate manner.
  • Encourage the community integration of Individuals. Develop and implement opportunities for structured, formal as well as informal involvement in the community.
  • Ensure appropriate support is provided to each Individual as per their service agreement and Individual Support Plan.
  • Ensure important personal needs of Individuals are addressed and the development of self-help skills is considered in program planning (e.g. in the areas of personal care, health and safety, sufficient and appropriate clothing, appearance, finances, etc).
  • Deal with important Individual concerns in an appropriate and respectful manner. Discuss major concerns/issues/grievances with the Program Coordinator.
  • Ensure adequate and ethical procedures are implemented at all times with each Individual’s well being always at the forefront.
  • Monitor individual logs, records and reports and other documentation to ensure they are kept complete, confidential and as per policy.
  • Regularly monitor Individual’s budget, bank accounts and financial records to ensure money is safeguarded, as applicable.
  • Ensure that staff addresses important medical, dental, optical and other areas needing professional involvement with all Individuals as required.
  • Promote the good nutrition and health of each Individual.

Program Development and Implementation

  • Working with the Program Coordinator and Planning Facilitator, participate in person centered and individual service planning with each Individual.
  • Ensure the development of individual program procedures including but not limited to goal planning, positive approaches and procedures
  • Working with the Behaviour Plan Coordinator participate in the development, implementation of positive and restrictive behavior intervention procedures as needed including all necessary data collection and reporting.
  • Provide direction and support to staff in the development, implementation and monitoring of program procedures.
  • Ensure updates are provided to funding bodies, as required.

Budgeting and Financial Management

  • Annually, and in consultation with the Program Coordinator, provide input into program projections based on planning priorities for the program area(s) of responsibility.
  • Ensure invoicing, third party billing, expense claim review and approval and financial management documentation is completed and submitted within appropriate timelines to maintain consistency and accuracy.
  • Review program financial statements monthly with Program Coordinator to ensure program is operating on budget and address any issues in a timely manner.
  • Provide input into the development and monitoring of funding and service delivery proposals as requested.


  • Attend all team meetings, sessions and general staff meetings.
  • Work effectively with team members in a positive and professional manner.
  • Act as a resource for information necessary to the team in the support of the individual.
  • Uphold responsibilities to colleagues as per Employee Code of Ethics


  • Establish and maintain effective and open communication with all stakeholders.
  • Establish and maintain a functional working relationship with other areas of support within the organization to ensure a coordinated and unified approach in dealing with an individual.
  • Participating in the community to encourage community awareness and acceptance of persons with disabilities to expand on natural supports within the community.
  • Ensure Guardians/Trustees are aware of individuals’ needs and expenses as applicable.
  • Establish and maintain functional working relationships with other community supports to address individual needs i.e. mental health, school system, ect.


  • Working with the Program Coordinator determine availability of service and appropriate fit for new applicants or internal moves for responsible area of service.
  • Identify when Individuals no longer require service as per policy and report this to Program Coordinator.
  • Ensure all documentation and information is up to date and filed and the service summary report is completed at time of exit

Home Maintenance and Support

  • Ensure the home of each Individual receiving support is in safe condition and promote cleanliness and orderliness in each person’s home.
  • Ensure fire regulations, first aid, emergency procedures and other safety measures are understood and followed and all necessary checks and documentation is completed accurately.
  • Ensure all equipment and appliances are in good and safe operating condition.
  • Ensure a risk management plan is completed for each program area and reviewed annually or as needed.
  • Ensure an emergency response plan for each program area is developed and reviewed annually or as needed
  • Ensure association information is kept in an organized manner


Professional Development

  • Identify training and developmental needs with Program Coordinator.
  • Participate in staff and leadership meetings and sessions as required.


  • Any other duties required from time to time by the Program Coordinator, Program Director or Executive Director.
  • Participate in internal and external committees as requested.
  • Submit suggestions and ideas that will improve and strengthen the provision of support to individuals or general association operation.



  • Minimum One year Certificate in Rehabilitation/Disability Studies or Human Services or completion of Foundations in Disability Services
  • Preferably 2 year Diploma or Degree in Rehabilitation/Disability Studies, Social Work or Human Services
  • Specific Training as per relevant Service area e.g. Complex Support Needs, Addictions, personal care etc.


  • 3 years’ experience in the field of Disability Services
  • Six months experience working in a supervisory or leadership role.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Commitment to the principles of a person centered approach and Social Role Valorization.


  • Criminal Record Check
  • Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Alberta Child Welfare Check
  • Valid Alberta driver’s license and access to a safe vehicle.
  • Equivalencies in education and experience may be considered


  • Commitment to the principals of community living
  • Superior interpersonal, communication and leadership skills
  • Superior computer skills

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $19.41 to $28.43 /hour


  • Supervising: 1 year (Required)
  • Disability Services: 3 years (Required)


  • DCS / DEC (Required)


  • Barrhead (Preferred)


  • Class 5 Drivers License (Required)
  • First Aid & CPR Level C (Required)