Administrative Assistant
Barbertown Co-op Homes Inc.
Mississauga, ON

POSITION: Administrative Assistant

Hours of Work: 24-30 hours per week; some evening work required.


The Administrative Assistant is a resource person to the Board of Directors, other staff and committees. The Administrative Assistant works with and at times in place of the Manager in advising and assisting the Board of Directors in the establishment of objectives, goals, by-laws, management procedures and other basic controls required for the effective management and operation of the co-op.

The Administrative Assistant reports to the Manager.


The Administrative Assistant will maintain complete confidentiality about the Board, the members and other staff.


The Administrative Assistant provides clerical and administrative support to the Manager, and other staff of the Corporation.



In co-operation with the other staff and volunteers, the Administrative Assistant will ensure that the following functions are performed in a timely and efficient manner:

_reception & general office management

_typing or word processing & photocopying

_receiving correspondence and directing it to the appropriate body.

_Filing (both manual or on computer)

_purchase office supplies, equipment and furnishings, with any necessary authorization, using purchase orders at all times.

_Ensure that committee secretaries have submitted minutes.


2.1 Housing Charge Collection:

_assisting the Manager in issuing late payment notices to members

_review arrears with Manager

_assisting the Manager in the issuing of housing charge increase and other notices to members, as required by the Board.

2.2 Subsidy Program:

_assisting the Manager in the administration of the subsidy program in accordance with the appropriate program guidelines and corporation’s policies.

Corporate Services

_assist the Manager in ensuring that agendas and minutes for the Board meetings and general members meetings are prepared and distributed.

_Attend members’ meetings to record minutes.

Membership Co-ordination

The Administrative Assistant will help the member selection committee with its administrative tasks by performing the following functions and/or by ensuring their performance by committee members:

_notify the member selection committee of upcoming vacancies

_market and promote the co-op, as directed by the member selection committee

_answer membership inquiries about the co-op

_maintain applicant records and waiting lists, with the member selection committee

_conduct credit and reference checks

_send out acceptance and rejection letters, and other form letters as required

_schedule move-ins and move-outs

_prepare regular membership and vacancy reports for the Board

_maintain membership records on HM WORX.

_ensure the confidentiality of all membership records

_act as liaison between the Board of Directors and referral agencies

Co-operative/Community Development

Much of the work of the staff involves motivating volunteers, helping both members and the public to understand and appreciate the co-operative model, helping members to resolve problems and ensuring good communication flow within the co-op. Most of this is traditionally accomplished on an ad hoc basis; however specific functions of this area would include:

_assist the Board and committees, outside of normal job requirements, as needed

_issue information and reports to the members as required

_respond to public inquiries about the co-operative

_provide educational information to the members or advise them as to how such information may be obtained.

_Refer member complaints and grievances to the appropriate body for action

_attend committee meetings as required

_assist members in finding appropriate volunteer jobs within the co-op, and help recruit members to committees

_encourage co-operative interaction amongst members.


Job Type: Part-time


  • Administrative Assistant: 5 years (Required)


  • Mississauga, ON (Preferred)