Full Stack Angular/.Net Software Developer
Big Bear Software
Vancouver, BC
Who We Are

With a 16-year history building custom software and web applications, we began in Calgary then moved to the Okanagan 9 years ago, where we were recently voted the Okanagan Tech Business of the Year. With a client list including Kal Tire, QHR Technologies, IRISNDT, and Innovate Calgary, we are expanding our Calgary team and looking to grow our company in the coming months.

We are a purpose-driven company focused on empowering our employees and contractors to learn and grow. Our CEO, Keith MacIntyre, has 20 years of software engineering experience, knows tech, and has built a team of professionals that understand how to create quality software applications. Plus, clients love to work with our team of graphics designers and user experience experts to create something beautiful and easy to use.

People want to join Big Bear because we communicate as a team, enjoy working with each other, and motivate each other to succeed. We are building a unique company where a top priority is customer success. We focus on what the customer needs, not what we can sell to them. We propose solutions that solve problems and will help our client’s business grow. . We strive for a well-balanced life where you will be Happy to Go to Work and Happy to Go Home, while still focusing on creating awesome tech.

Why we love it here:
“I really appreciate that culture at Big Bear, I’ve never worked at a company where I feel like I can make a mistake and not be criticized or judged, but learn from it”

“Big Bear has an environment where I am never reminded that I am a woman. At other companies it was always the ‘Developers & PMs’ and the ‘Female Developers & Female PMs’. I have never felt that here and it is something I really value. At Big Bear we joke that is the ‘dog people’ vs. the ‘non-dog people’”

Who You Are

You have 5 years or more experience as a Full Stack Software Developer who has taken software projects to completion

You have experience with remote teams and/or clients.

You love complex challenges, whether it is technical, operational, or user experience related

You are customer focused. You like to see the results of your effort translate into satisfied clients

You can adapt to different processes

You enjoy working with a high performance team
You enjoy working on software with a purpose