Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
Thunder Bay, ON
Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your research and marketing skills? If so, consideration this unique opportunity as a Corporate Development Officer to research, identify, and develop new business opportunities, strategic partnerships, and sponsorships for Fort William Historical Park (FWHP).

Fort William Historical Park is a unique, leading, multi-component destination tourism attraction that provides outstanding cultural, recreational, entertainment and educational experiences for residents and visitors to northwestern Ontario.

What can I expect to do in this role?
  • Develop and integrate a comprehensive sponsorship and partnership program into FWHP's business and strategic planning processes
  • Prepare and distribute promotional materials in support of commercial and sponsorship initiatives
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research including expenditure and revenue forecasts, market research, sales reports and consumer profiles
  • Maintain a current awareness of significant economic and political developments within the region that may have impact on the evolution of commercial development projects
  • Research, identify, and solicit sponsors, partners and funding to underwrite and support the Park's event, program, operational, and product development initiatives
  • Prepare business reports, Requests for Proposals, issue sheets, briefing notes and backgrounders
  • Identify alternative sources of funding by researching and applying to public and private sector funding programs directly or in co-operation with third parties
  • Budget, forecast and monitor expenditures and revenues emanating from commercial development projects
  • Define, negotiate, and monitor sponsorship, partnership and alternative funding agreements
  • Act as a resource to staff responsible for the development of concepts and business plans for revenue generating programs
  • Participates as an active member of various area/planning committees
  • Provide front line customer service
How do I qualify?
  • You currently have a valid Class G Ontario Drivers License
  • You are able and willing to attend overnight functions and off-hour programs as well as work holidays and weekends as required
Specialized Knowledge and Experience
  • You have knowledge and experience in business management in order to identify and develop new business, fundraising, corporate sponsorships, and public relations opportunities for FWHP
  • You have knowledge of private and public funding sources including funding approval procedures and processes
  • You understand retail and wholesale procedures and pricing systems
  • You have demonstrated marketing skills and knowledge of market research techniques in order to cultivate stakeholder relationships and promote participation
  • You know sponsorship and partnership solicitation techniques to build awareness and generate interest
  • You are familiar with Fort William Historical Park in order to promote its programs and events
Communication and Presentation Skills
  • You can provide information on corporate initiatives and work with project partners, management teams, and private sector and other community partners
  • You can make presentations to senior management and other stakeholders
  • You have negotiating skills to establish stakeholder linkages and negotiate partnership agreements
  • You have written communication skills to prepare business reports, plans, project updates, and promotional materials
Analytical and Evaluation Skills
  • You can analyze the financial viability of corporate development ventures and initiatives
  • You can conduct qualitative and quantitative research including expenditure and revenue forecasts
  • You can assess impact of economic and political developments within the region on program delivery
Project Management Skills
  • You can meet the demands of complex and time sensitive projects
  • You have organizational skills to multitask and coordinate events and projects concurrently
  • You can work independently and as part of a team
Computer Skills
  • You are proficient with word processing, graphics, web authoring software, desktop publishing, and digital imaging hardware and software,
  • You know publication layout techniques to produce draft format and layout for brochures, pamphlets, digital publications and other promotional materials
  • You can prepare visual media (i.e. hard copy, web-based, digital delivery graphics) and presentations and other promotional material
Additional Information:Address:
1 Temporary, duration up to 18 months, 1350 King Rd, Thunder Bay, North Region
Compensation Group: Ontario Public Service Employees Union
Understanding the job ad - definitionsSchedule: 6
Category: Communications; Marketing and Creative Services
Posted on: Thursday, October 10, 2019