Feedlot Nutrition Technician & Business Analyst
Allied Marketing Group (AMG)
Coaldale, AB

The Allied Marketing Group (AMG) is privately owned by 5 progressive feedlot owners with eleven feed yards in Southern Alberta and one in southern Saskatchewan who feed approximately 200,000 cattle annually. The owners have independent feedlot operations and created AMG to work together on many projects of mutual benefit including:

*A grid-based marketing agreement

*A database to collect production data from the live animal to the carcass

*Employee training and engagement

*Animal welfare protocols

*Sharing of market information and other resources

*Feedlot partnership agreement with Certified Angus Beef

*Purchasing inputs

*Financial and production bench-marking


*Have a collaborative working relationship with AMG’s team of feedlot professionals including its consulting Veterinarians.

*The ability to lead discussions and meetings.

*Involvement in setting up and monitoring trials and their results

*Training and teaching capabilities is a definite asset.

*Must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.

* Diploma or Degree in Agriculture or Business related field preferred

*Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Suite


*Day to day involvement to Assist the nutritionist to monitor nutrition protocols for all classes of cattle with a focus on growing and finishing cattle.

*Make monthly feedlot visits and generate evaluation reports

*Assess quality control protocols

*Collect feed samples and manager feed analysis and data

*Collect and summarize animal and feedlot data

*Learn and be able to trouble shoot feedlot management computer programs

*Collect and analyze pricing of feedlot inputs by competing vendors

*Assist with education of feedlot employees on nutrition, bunk management and food safety.

*Proactively identify feedlot challenges and provide solutions.

*A “hands on approach” to cattle and nutrition management including regularly scheduled visits to all 12 yards.

*Evaluate procurement pricing.


The Nutrition Technician & Business Analyst generally works 5 days per week. Regular working hours for Nutrition Technician & Business Analyst are 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, but could work earlier or later to meet organizational needs. This position’s schedule is subject to change to meet organizational needs.

The Nutrition Technician & Business Analyst will perform some work from an office, but will spend most of their time at feedlot locations. This position is frequently exposed to environmental conditions when working outdoors. This includes, but not limited to exposure to the elements such as sun, wind, rain, snow, hot and cold temperatures. The Nutrition Technician & Business Analyst should wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions each day.

LICENSE: Class 5 required.

Job Type: Full-time