Student Associate- Montreal
Montréal, QC
As a LexisNexis Law School Student Associate, you are a part of the world’s largest and most successful provider of online information. LexisNexis Law School Student Associates are a very important link between LexisNexis and law school institutions. Under the direction of the Program Manager, you will act as a liaison between LexisNexis and your law school’s students, faculty, administrators and staff. The LexisNexis mission for law schools is simple – to promote LexisNexis products as part of the premier legal research system.
As a LexisNexis Law School Student Associate, you are charged with the responsibility of increasing LexisNexis preference in the law school. Your role is to interact with students, professors, librarians, career services officers, and others to promote awareness and use of our products and services.
As our “eyes and ears,” we need you to regularly report on opportunities or events that may increase LexisNexis preference or exposure at the law school.
As a LexisNexis Law School Student Associate, you should maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Your knowledge of the LexisNexis tools will be essential. And, like all LexisNexis employees, you should strive for excellence in customer service.

Core Responsibilities:
  • Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® Research support for students and faculty – library hours with a sign posted in a designated area and on social media, in-person and virtual office hours (e.g. – Google Hangouts), available by email etc.
  • Be aware of LexisNexis Canada products/solutions and inform students and faculty of these when the opportunity arises.
  • Be familiar with available content and promote titles to students/faculty when the opportunity arises.
  • Responsible for LNC Social Media engagement at your law school (posting in Facebook pages, assisting LNC with development of content, etc.)
  • Communicate with student groups (LS association, Career Office, Legal Aid Clinics, Moot Competitions etc.) to promote Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® (usage, training, campaigns)/LNC, and identify sponsorship or training opportunities
  • Assist LNC with on-campus sponsorship events and on-campus activations.
  • Cultivate relationships with librarians and faculty members.
  • Offer assistance to faculty members and student organizations.
  • Check in with librarians and faculty frequently to seek out training opportunities.
  • Identify needs, gaps and competitive information.
  • Provide feedback and answers to LNC regarding upcoming activities and strategies.
Time Requirement:
3 hours/week for a 12-week period

Salary is $17. 00/hour

All applicants must be available for a 2-3 hour Webinar training.

Confidentiality agreement must be signed by the student associate.

  • Open to current law students at McGill law school
  • Available 3 hours / week for 12 week period and 2 - 3 hours of webinar training at the start of the school year.