District Operator (2019-0002)
Leader, SK
The District Operator performs duties associated with plant, pipeline and storage operations and minor maintenance duties in accordance with standards, specifications and accepted industry practices, including implementing sound decisions in emergency situations.

Core Responsibilities

Plant Operating

Operate compressor drives, compressors and associated plant and storage infrastructure.
Inspect and assess station operating units and auxiliary equipment and take any follow-up action required to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.
Inspect and assess instruments, controls and emergency equipment and take any follow-up action required to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.
Plant Maintenance

Maintain and complete minor repairs on compressor drives, pumps, compressor storage infrastructure and associated plant process facilities.
Assist with major maintenance assignments.
Pipelines Operations and Maintenance

Perform transmission line operation duties with respect to line locating, foreign crossings, hot taps, hot tie ins, block valve operation pipeline integrity projects, etc.
Coordinate and/or participate in pipeline integrity digs, cleaning runs, electronic tool runs and re-coating of pipeline to ensure integrity of the pipeline system.
Maintain pipeline infrastructure such as pipeline markers, buildings, right of way and facility sites, dewpointing facilities, and other assigned or related facilities.
Check, report, correct and participate in accident, incident, hazards and encroachment investigations and the settlement of property and damage claims.

Utilize programs and procedures that organize, coordinate and schedule work assignments and maintain operating records.
As the qualified incumbent, oversee the work of the other employees/contractors as assigned to ensure work is performed in accordance with instructions, standards and specifications.


Education & Experience:
Grade 12 or equivalent.
Valid Class 5 driver's license.
Physically fit.
Three (3) years of industry related experience in a mechanical setting.

Additional Information

Short-listed applicants will be required to complete aptitude testing as part of the hiring process.
This job is routinely scheduled for standby and subject to call-out situations.
Travel, including overnight stays away from bid headquarters is required on occasion.
This job requires extended work hours.
This job is safety sensitive, and as such, is subject to the provisions of the Drug and Alcohol Policy (Pre-Employment or Pre-Placement for Safety Sensitive Positions.

Application Instructions

Applications must be received online by 4:00 pm on the closing date.

Job Location
Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada
Permanent Full Time
Date Issued
January 14, 2019
Date Closed
January 28, 2019
The starting rate for this position is $28.24. Please note, the home of the successful candidate may be within 35 kilometers radius or the town of Kindersley or Leader.