Executive Assistant
Sikeleli Travel & Expeditions
West Vancouver, BC


We are looking for an executive assistant with relevant qualifications, or sufficient working experience, to work on a part-time basis in our office. Above all, we are looking for someone who is punctual, reliable and has top-level organizational and communication skills. We are a small, family-run, LGBTQ-friendly safari agency, with our headquarters located in West Vancouver. You would have the option to either work remotely or at a desk in our office, or a combination of the two options.

Candidate Skills & Responsibilities

Candidates are ideally:

  • experienced as a personal or executive assistant;
  • strong and quick communicators (lots of emailing/texting over WhatsApp is required);
  • extremely punctual and well-organized (most of the job involves scheduling); and
  • at least moderately IT-savvy.

You will be working across a variety of software mediums, so ideally are comfortable with the use of:

  • Apple computers and systems;
  • Office suite products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Outlook calendar sharing, scheduling and delegate functions for the calendars of others; and
  • PDF documents (managing/creating/sending).

Your primary responsibilities will be:

  • organizing in-person and Skype meetings (ensuring that time-zone considerations are taken into account);
  • organizing projects, co-ordinating contributions from multiple participants/contributors and organizing final dates and project reviews;
  • organizing the on boarding process for new staff (including co-ordinating the setup of their access to company systems);
  • organizing the sending of mail/parcels/bags abroad;
  • using WhatsApp to communicate with the directors outside of regular office hours (more urgent during travel season from late Sept-early Nov);
  • organizing international trips for both the directors and travel consultants (including car rental, AirBnb stays, flights, prompting/monitoring visa applications, reservations etc.);
  • organizing events both domestically and abroad (including organizing guest lists with RSVPs, communicating with hosts and guests, organizing catering and drinks, and budgeting for these trips);
  • communicating with designers and printers (including organizing the creation of products under our guidance, checking for errors on samples, and organizing their final delivery dates and locations - many of which are abroad); and
  • carrying out some miscellaneous office tasks as required.

Additional consideration will be given to candidates with exposure to any of the following platforms (although this is just a bonus and by no means required):

  • Zoho CRM;
  • MailChimp;
  • DocuSign;
  • GoDaddy;
  • Adobe Acrobat (for PDF creation/manipulation);
  • PowerPoint Presentation (to a high level);
  • Excel (to a high level); and
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn.

Additional training will be offered to bolster gaps in knowledge for the right candidate.

Office Environment & Hours

You will be working primarily for the Managing Director of the company, although you will also be carrying out tasks for the Director of Marketing and the Director of Operations. The Managing Director is an ex-broker, who prefers a direct manner of communication and rewards employee efficiency. We do offer the option to work remotely with your company laptop, should you so prefer, with the option to work at the third desk in the office on days when we have meetings/need to meet in person.

We have a friendly, young Labrador in the house, who may make occasional visits to the office, but usually stays on the upper floor (where the home entrance is). We also have a Nespresso machine and fridge in the office, which you are more than welcome to use. There is space to park just on the roadside by the house, as well as a bus (the 254) that regularly comes to a stop about a block away (up the road).

Important Point on Time Commitment

This is a great part-time position for someone with other current commitments e.g. children or another job. The average number of hours is between 10-20 hours a week. We are not looking to scale up the time commitment for this position, although it naturally fluctuates upward during travel seasons for our Marketing Director (late Sept-early Nov) to around 40 hours a week for those few months.


Job Type: Contract

Salary: $18.00 to $24.00 /hour


  • executive assistant: 2 years (Preferred)