Manager of Academic Quality
Cestar College of Business, Health & Technology
Toronto, ON

Company Description

Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology is a private career college located in Toronto, Ontario. We are dedicated to helping students get the most from their training, and preparing them for successful careers.

Positions Supervised:

  • Academic Co-ordinator
  • Professional Development Co-ordinator
  • Academic Integrity Specialist
  • Academic Administration Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Instructors and Program Co-ordinators, according to the dimensions identified below
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Prepare and submit to Director of Cestar College the job postings for vacancies of instructors or staff for Academics department.
  • Review submitted resumes and select appropriate candidates for interviews.
  • Participate in teaching demonstrations as appropriate.
  • Approve hiring recommendations from Academic Co-ordinator.
  • Instructor Performance
  • Oversee instructor compliance with College policies and procedures for submission of grades and portfolios.
  • Ensure that all tests, exams, and assignments for all courses meet pedagogical standards and course outline requirements.
  • Review nature and quality of materials in portfolios to identify any need for coaching and professional development for instructors (either individual or multiple instructors).
  • Review instructor observation forms completed by Professional Development Co-ordinator, Program Co-ordinators and external consulting firm.
  • Review Student Perception of Learning (SPL’s) for all courses:
  • Provide positive feedback in writing as appropriate.
  • Refer negative feedback to Professional Development Co-ordinator for follow up.
  • Work with Professional Development Co-ordinator to identify topics for workshops and/or online delivery.
  • Review results of final grade summaries and determine whether any further response is required.
  • Audit all course final grades and grade distribution summaries to identify any problem areas.
  • Oversee implementation of any resulting action plans from Professional Development Co-ordinator.
  • Conduct inquiry concerning instructor role in any student complaint about instructor and/or course and respond to the Director who is responsible for Student Services
  • Review schedules for following term’s programs and section prepared by Academic Co-ordinator and Academic Administration Assistant.
  • Course and Program Documentation
  • Oversee preparation and updating of Instructor’s Handbook as prepared by Academic Department staff.
  • Supervise documentation of all program maps and course outlines to appropriate departments and database locations for each intake.
  • Monitor updates and changes to ensure appropriate dissemination.
  • Request Design Contract for each new course developed
  • Approve final teaching materials when completed.
  • Supervise synchronization of Evaluation Timetables, and Student Evaluation section of all course outlines for SCFL, block and semester programs.
  • Review and action instructor requests for final grade changes.
  • Internal College Audits
  • Prepare academic portions of Implementation Plan for all program audits.
  • Ensure contributions are received from other departments promptly for inclusion in the Plans.
  • Provide updates to the International Department on ‘in process” items for previously submitted Implementation Plans.
  • Record-keeping
  • Set up and manage documentation for all responses to job postings for instructors and Academic Department positions:
  • Applications
  • Telephone interviews
  • Teaching demonstrations (instructors) or interviews (staff).
  • Maintain “exception” files for all instructors concerning both good and poor performance.
  • Monitor files for student documentation storage and destruction.
  • Manage the creation and maintenance of performance records for all instructors:
  • Absences.
  • Classroom hours discrepancies.
  • Grade Submissions on time.
  • Payroll Adjustments
  • Review and approve bi-monthly requests from contract instructors for payment for extra tasks (e.g., invigilation, completion of course portfolios).

Job Type: Full-time