Product Innovation and Engineering - Research & Development
Griffith Foods
Toronto, ON

Griffith Foods is a global manufacturer of food products. We provide a wide range of taste and texture components for food industry customers throughout the world. Our products include seasoning blends, dry mixes, coating systems, dough blends, crumbs, flavors, sauces and food bases that are used in an extensive variety of application from snack foods and processed meat and poultry to ready meals. Our customers include food processors, restaurant operators and grocery retailers. While our name may not be familiar to consumers, our products are key components of foods offered by many of the world’s best-known companies.

The Research & Development team of Griffith Foods Canada is seeking a talented, creative and innovative Food Scientist and Engineer to join our organization.

With a background in Food or Applied Science and Engineering, you are able to apply your curiosity and creativity to developing or improving products, processes and technology. You communicate and partner well with our team of talented Scientists, as well as our Operations team and our customers.

Reporting to the Director, Product Innovation and Process Engineering, this role designs and conducts scientific/engineering experiments of moderate to high complexity, utilizing engineering principles, employing literature review, planning, equipment setup, collection and analysis of data. The objectives of the role are to provide solutions to R&D and Operations challenges and to contribute to new knowledge, processes, technologies and/or products for Griffith Foods Canada on an on-going basis. This role will interact heavily with the broader R&D and Operations teams.

  • Oversees small engineering projects, defining the project scope, project activities, milestones, contractor requirements as well as plant and customer requirements.
  • Effectively utilizes project management tools to; meet project objectives, efficiently utilize resources, control timelines and maintain budget.
  • Provides detailed recommendations for commercialization of new products, processes, or technologies with key focus on Innovation Pipeline Initiatives.
  • Provides technical assistance to all departments of Griffith Foods, Griffith International units, clients and suppliers; evaluating process equipment and/or materials as required.
  • Maintains good laboratory records, analyses and interprets data, prepares technical and process engineering reports; participates in preparation of documentation required for patent generation and project reviews.
  • Prepares and conducts presentations for internal or external audiences.
  • Provides detailed processing parameters during commissioning of new equipment, updates procedures for manufacturing and educates operations personnel for commercial implementation.
  • Participates in the strategic planning process; proposing original ideas/strategies pertaining to innovation/research projects and/or solutions to moderately complex manufacturing problems, with particular focus on the engineering aspects in each area.
  • Acquires, maintains and enhances technical skills, engineering and scientific knowledge pertaining to the larger food manufacturing industry through; technical channels, supplier contacts, trade shows, courses, seminars, conventions, and/or pilot or commercial process experimentation.
  • Maintains professional memberships/liaisons pertaining to engineering, food manufacturing and the technical community.
  • Provides technical assistance and direction to junior members of team.
  • Participates in the preparation of EA capital expenditure reports and contributes to the development of yearly budget requirements.
  • Flexible/extended hours may be required to meet project objectives, timelines or testing/evaluation situations.
  • Participates in special projects, other duties or tasks that may be assigned as required.
May perform one or more of the following :
  • Operate specialized equipment and instrumentation and/or learn new processes.
  • Evaluate equipment/materials and formulate products and food applications.
  • Coordinate production trials to evaluate new processes or manufacturing procedures and guide operations & QS personnel in product testing and process implementation.
  • Travel as required.
  • Assist in product presentations internal and external.
  • Perform troubleshooting and processes improvement of production lines.
  • Train Griffith personnel and guide customers as required.
  • Evaluate competitive technologies/products.
  • Conduct field tests/evaluations; commercial or pilot
  • Work with Sensory team on panels.
  • Participate in cross-functional teams.
  • Host visitors.
  • Participate in creativity/lateral thinking sessions.
  • Package and ship samples to clients/suppliers as required.
  • Work flexible/extended hours as required to meet project time-lines.
  • Participate in special projects or perform duties or tasks as assigned.
Candidate must:
  • Have a working knowledge of food manufacturing, food regulations & food safety.
  • Ensure the health, safety, cleanliness, and security of the work environment.
  • Ensure compliance with all process and product safety, legality and quality requirements.
  • Understand and comply with all company policies and procedures.
Minimum Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent
  • Experience: 3 to 5 years in the industry, preferably food/beverage manufacturing
  • P.ENG designation