Flying Colours
Job Description Title : Assembly / Installation Technician
Department : Interior Completions - Installation
Reports to : Crew Leader, Interior Completions - Installation

General Accountability
Safely, and efficiently install all seats, sidewalls, TV’s, appliances, galleys, lavatories, etc., into
refurbished or green completion aircrafts in accordance with the instruction of the Crew Leader, as
well as, any/all governing body’s regulations. The responsibilities also include aircraft interior
disassembly, modification, and assessing repairs, removals, and installations.

This position requires all the various skills needed to build or modify a cabin interior. In addition,
interior technicians must perform with a high attention to detail not only for the purposes of
appearance and ergonomics, but also for safety.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Removal, disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, modification, refurbishment, and installation of
aircraft interior and its associated components

  • Work both in an aircraft cabin and in a shop
  • Familiar with the function, operation and safety requirements of aircraft passenger support systems
  • Removal, breakdown and re-installation of seats, carpets, interior paneling, windows, galley,
lavatory modules, insulation and sound proofing systems
  • Maintain oxygen, water, waste, entertainment systems, emergency systems and equipment
Other responsibilities include:
1) Report to your workstation for your regularly scheduled shift(s) prior to your start time.

2) Meet with Crew Leader to receive specific task:
Ask questions to obtain clarity on Crew Leader’s expectations (quality & timing)

Complete assigned work in compliance with aircraft completion drawings,
specifications, and specification deviation index when applicable, in accordance with
Crew Leader’s instructions.

When task is complete, have your Crew Leader sign off and accept the next task.

o If your Crew Leader states that the job is incomplete or does not meet quality
requirements; inquire what FCC expectations are and which specific area(s)
require rework. Ask for clarification to ensure understanding.

scope, task cards/snags), to perform task(s).

4) Ask your Crew Leader for clarity of any uncertainties, or discrepancies in regards to drawings,
completion specification information and any other instruction given.

5) Inform Crew Leader of any necessary tools, equipment and supplies needed to perform
task(s) (including items from stores).

6) Report to Crew Leader on:
Ø Progress of assigned task

Ø Discrepancies – any variable that will negatively affect the quality & timing of task(s)

Ø Recommendations.

7) Completely fill out timecards daily by making sure that the snag/task card information is

8) Complete task cards as soon as task is completed (within 24 hours unless
drawing/specification is not available).

9) Other duties assigned by Crew Leader/Supervisor/Manager.
10) Works in compliance with all Administrative, Health & Safety policies and procedures as per

legislative requirements and as outlined in Company policies.

Working Conditions

  • Regular periods during which physical effort is required, e.g., walking standing, stooping,
climbing, lifting material or equipment, some of which may be heavy or awkward.

  • Exposure to factors such as temperature variations/extremes, fumes, moving machinery,
humidity, and materials which can cause periods of discomfort.

  • Occasional / frequent need to give concentrated attention, with one or two senses at a time,
where stimuli are changing.

  • Occasional indirect and direct pressure from deadlines, production quotas, accuracy or similar

  • Work in confined spaces and elevated heights when required.
Educational Background and Experience Requirements

  • Secondary school diploma required. Completion of College/CEGEP/technical training in a
related field preferred.

  • Minimum one year of transferable skills from one or more of the following technical disciplines:
mechanical, woodworking, machining, construction, tooling, electrical, assembly.

Skills/Competency Requirements

  • High attention to detail for the purposes of appearance, ergonomics, and safety.
  • Proven technical and mathematical aptitude.
  • Ability to understand and follow direction with minimal supervision.
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively orally and written.
  • Ability to trouble-shoot and problem solve.
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
Please note: The above statement reflects the general details considered necessary to describe the
principal functions of the job identified and shall not be considered as a conclusive description of all
work required in the job.