Game QA Tester
Keywords Studios
Burnaby, BC
Type: Full-time

Location: Burnaby, BC

Keywords is hiring QA testers with 1-3 years of prior experience in game testing to work along with the vendor and internal QA team for our client. As a QA tester you will be the point of contact for our client's internal QA team and vendor QA team as well as the development team. You will coordinate test efforts and create reports on sprints for developers and ultimately contribute to process improvements in the QA Team.


Advanced technical area of knowledge (e.g. white-box testing, automation, analytics, audio, animation etc.)
Proficiency with advanced testing tools (internal/external)
Experience providing subject matter knowledge to improve overall quality and processes
Lead improvements in the wider QA processes, project planning, and develop new QA strategies
Provides regular game area level QA reports (e.g. high-level risk assessment)
Maintain documentation to transfer knowledge and provide mentorship to newer team members
May contribute to minor adjustments of automation scripts and uses in depth knowledge of the feature under their ownership to drive automation, test tools and possible telemetry hooks to more efficiently verify their area ·