Warehouse Clerk
Cambridge, ON
Job Description
SAIL is made of groups of employees sharing their talent and experience to enhance “their” store.

As a Warehouse Clerk, you are involved in the circulation of merchandise, and in the process of ensuring that the inventory of your store is exact. You understand that even if you do not have direct contact with our customers, they count on you to have access to the merchandise that they need.

Day-to-day, you will work alongside your Department Manager. Your involvement includes:
Receiving and sending large quantities of merchandise, in collaboration with your colleagues;
Controlling and pricing merchandise received and ensuring the exact count of each product;
Using lifts;
Completing important documents related to inventory.

The best parts of your story have made you someone who:
loves when things are done well and in the same way;
always wants to check, count, calculate;
understands the importance of working safely.