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Woodstock, ON

- Have you avoided becoming a mentor because you think it takes too much time?

- Being a mentor - while it does require regular communication - isn't a full-time job.

- Most people are energized by their mentoring relationships; you likely will be as well.

- By setting the intention to find a mentee, you'll become more open to potential mentoring partnership all around you.

"Mentors are leaders. They give back to their professional communities. They coach people to achieve their full potential, and work effectively with people of all different backgrounds and experiences in today’s diverse workplace."

Giving just 20 hours of your time over four months could help change someone’s life.

Immploy is looking for Mentors for our Virtual Mentorship Program

The Immploy Mentorship Program brings together internationally trained individuals with volunteer mentors at regional companies. Our Mentorship Program connects international talents with mentors in their field across Southwestern Ontario.

Mentorship allows newcomers to gain a better understanding of the regional job market; establish valuable networking contacts; and learn more about sector-specific language and professional practice in Canada.

Through in-person meetings, video conferencing, phone and email exchange, we are now able to connect mentors with qualified immigrant talent in cities across the province that are interested in learning more about companies, growing industries and employment opportunities in communities across Southwestern Ontario.

How this program works:

  • Volunteer mentors are matched with a newcomer in their professional field through a 1:1 and Virtual match. These mentors volunteer around 20 hours over 4 months. Ongoing support is provided to both the mentee and mentor throughout the partnership.
  • The mentor’s primary role is to provide guidance and support to the mentee based on his/her unique career development needs. This may be achieved by engaging with the mentee as coach/advisor, resource person, devil’s advocate, the source of support and encouragement, champion/advocate and sounding board.

Mentor’s qualifications:

  • Be a professional with at least three years of Southwestern Ontario experience.
  • Be knowledgeable about your field / industry sector and some of the skills required to gain employment in that field /sector.
  • Be willing to develop an awareness of the challenges newcomers face or willing to share their experiences navigating Southwestern labour market as a newcomer professional themselves.

Benefits for Mentors:

  • Strengthen leadership and coaching skills.
  • Improve inter-cultural awareness.
  • Expand communication skills.
  • Gain an international perspective on your field or occupation.
  • Spot talent for potential recruitment - before your competition.

Mentors can support mentees with following aspects:

  • Establish and grow your professional network in Southwestern Ontario.
  • Network in targeted occupation/industry.
  • Connect with Canada's hidden job market.
  • Increase confidence in the job search.
  • Expand access to local labour market information.
  • Refine job goals.
  • Identify transferable skills.
  • And as a result - secure meaningful employment in their professional field.

Your role as a Mentor

  • Meet newcomers who aspire to work in a similar field to yours.
  • Provide insights and information about companies and organizations in the industry sectors pertinent to their qualifications and experience.
  • Discuss their career and employment goals.
  • Provide suggestions for enhancing their job search.
  • Provide constructive feedback on their communication and interpersonal skills in an interview, networking opportunity or a social situation.
  • Share your personal career journey and use your experiences to inspire, motivate and guide them towards reaching their goals

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