Writer / Transcriber / Content Creator
Agent From Within
Sherwood Park, AB

BECAUSE OF THE people who like to spam their resume ....There are 4 Questions to Answer at the end of this posting.

We will NOT look at your resume without these 4 questions answered

Your ability to correct grammar or spelling--- DOES NOT IMPRESS US -we just assume everyone we hire has that basic skill as a writer.



We are an online training/ coaching company for Real Estate Agents and soon to be adding Relationships and Small Business.

We mix out of the box marketing with personal growth and transformation.

We are currently creating content for a new course we are launching to real estate brokerages in May.

We have about 40 agents that meet live 3 times a month online to receive a lesson and coaching. It's called "The Agent From Within Academy".

We need someone to watch this recorded sessions and capture the coaching session with written word.

We need 3 things created...(Per Session)

1. A written chapter in a book we will getting published

2. A lesson plan for the agents with topics , challenges and tools.

3. Instructions/mentor guide for brokerages to teach and coach there own agents



The First Program is called '90 Day Real Estate Business Primer"

Second Program is called "After the Sale- Build a Business not a job"

This needs to be fully complete by the end of Summer.



We are looking for the right person who LOVES to write, has a level of personal awareness and creativity that gels with the founder/CEO of Agent from Within. This person needs to be able to keep up to him and communicate well together.

This person needs to be able to capture the heart , essence and details of what Ben Oosterveld wants to create.

Can listen to verbal instructions and comprehend whats needed through verbal instruction

Needs to create content fairly quickly

Must be an able to adjust to personalities and be a strong communicator. That does not mean extrovert or introvert. Rather just needs to be able to comprehend whats needed quickly and accurately and not be scared to ask questions when needed.

Needs to be comfortable in their own skin, but not aggressive at all.




We do a lot of micro training videos from thee sessions on social media and need written word to capture the heart of the video 3 times a week.

We need articles written to gain media attention from Traditional Media & National Publications

Same articles will be posted on Linked in, Medium , Facebook and Instagram and emailed to our lists.



We need show notes written for the "From Within the Podcast" with links and guest details



We also have one of the top Real Estate Teams in Canada that needs written word to support here marketing as experts and leaders in the business.

Writing is needed for another book called the "New Home Buyers Guide"

It's a step by step guide to help new buyers avoid the pit falls and blind spots.

We are hosting monthly dinners where we educate the buyer and they get this book as a gift.

It may be published as well for people to buy online or in stores.

As we write the book/buyers guide we need articles along the way for social media and media.



We always believe in testing out the new person we hire to see the results of the work they do and reassess there wage in 6 months. Depending on experience depends on what the starting pay is.

$18.00 - $20.00 starting wage. (We are open to contract work or hiring an employee to join our team)


This job is a remote job , if you are producing the content at an expected rate we truly believe in trusting our team as long as the hours meet the expected amount of work completed we are fairly flexible.

4-6 hours a day is the expectation but would be willing to talk about the preferred hours and set the expectations around the person we hire mixed with what we need done.


1. 3 Top Personal Values

2. What's would your closest relationship say are your quarks.

3. Why do you LOVE writing

4. What caught your eye about the job







Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Salary: $18.00 to $20.00 /hour


  • Writing: 3 years (Required)
  • Social Media Platforms: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Computers & Online Navigation: 3 years (Preferred)


  • ENGLISH (Required)