Client Services Manager
Barrhead & District Social Housing Association
Barrhead, AB

Job Description

The Client Services Manager is a foundational role in the Administration team and will be responsible for:


  • Promotes the housing portfolios to the public
  • Ensures that advertising and information in brochures are up to date
  • Ensures that the website has current information
  • Is the initial contact person for information regarding housing and provides correct information based on the client’s needs
  • Ensure that all Resident and Tenant Handbooks have information that is up to date

Application and Placement of Clients

  • Ensures that the information provided on the application form is complete and gathers information that is missing on the application form on a timely basis
  • Scores the applications based on the provincial scoring system:
  • Priority Rating Criteria for Lodge Accommodation and / or the Community Social Housing Point Scoring and Eligibility
  • Place clients on Waiting Lists
  • Fill units from the Waiting Lists
  • Creates and administers interview plans
  • Conducts first-round and second-round interviews
  • Conducts reference checks
  • Ensures that the file for new residents is complete including rent/service calculations
  • Complete all client intakes and orientations

Team Member Relations

  • Works with CAO and clients on proactively addressing housing issues by ensuring communication
  • Works with CAO and clients on proactively recommending and implementing conflict resolution solutions as situations are required
  • Assists with developing policies to ensure that legislation changes and the well-being of clients is not compromised

Client Relations

  • Assists with assessing the needs of the residents
  • Recognizes the deviation from normal health status and promptly reports any significant changes. Records any significant changes.
  • Documents and discusses pertinent client information with CAO and Home Care staff in a timely manner
  • Reports and documents resident’s responses to enquiries
  • Promotes health and safety practice in the facilities
  • Recognizes safety issues and reports promptly
  • Initiates and completes incident reports
  • Demonstrates knowledge of procedures to follow in case of a fire or disaster
  • Respects resident’s opinions, judgments, and abilities
  • Advocates on behalf of the clients including
  • Promoting safety and comfort
  • Intervening effectively in situations where safety or well-being of the client is compromised
  • Respecting individual rights and diversity
  • Visits with clients on a regular basis
  • Educates clients on the legislation, and organization policies and rules
  • Enforces legislation, policies, and rules

Accounts Receivable

  • Completes the Financial information for all clients
  • Maintaining all individual financial records
  • Complete monthly accounts receivable for all clients and housing portfolios as required by the Alberta Housing Act_ and the following Regulations: Management Body Operation and Administration Regulation, Social Housing Accommodation Tenancies Regulation, Rent Supplement Regulation, and Lodge Assistance Program Regulation_
  • Assists with developing scheduling rotations for each department
  • Implement the clauses in the Employee Handbook

Job related skills

To be successful in this role, the following are required:

  • An ability to deal effectively with people, excellent customer service skills
  • Knowledge of SAGE accounting, word, excel, good overall computer software knowledge and skills
  • Ability to manage relationships and resolve issues and conflict in an effective, inclusive, transparent, and calm manner
  • Ability to communicate openly, to understand the perspectives of others, succinctly in both written and verbal form
  • Ability to follow directions and express concerns and ideas clearly in both written and verbal form
  • Ability to work independently and be an effective team member who contributes positively to the end goals of the organization
  • Ability to be a detailed organizer and thinker
  • Ability to structure in the way work is organized and presented
  • Ability to be open-minded, honest, fair, supportive, and accountable for own actions
  • Working knowledge of applicable legislation Resident Tenancies Act, Alberta Housing Act , Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act and the following Regulations: Management Body Operation and Administration Regulation, Social Housing Accommodation Tenancies Regulation, Rent Supplement Regulation, and Lodge Assistance Program Regulation

Job Type: Full-time