Chief Executive Officer
Fred Victor
Toronto, ON

Organization: Fred Victor
Position Title: Chief Executive Officer
Reports to: Board of Directors
Location: Toronto, Ontario



Since its inception in 1894, Fred Victor has been a vital, community-driven charitable organization that has
fostered long-lasting and positive change in the lives of the homeless and low-income people living across
the city. Each day, more than 2,000 people use its many services and programs, located at 20 different

locations throughout the GTA, including:
  • Affordable and supportive housing in four locations;
  • Emergency respite and transitional shelter in four locations;
  • Mental health and addiction case management services;
  • Court diversion services;
  • Employment and training services including a variety of traineeship, peer and supported
employment programs;

  • Specialized services for women including a 24-hour drop-in centre;
  • Housing First services including housing access and mental health support services;
  • A wide variety of community services including food services, a social purpose enterprise, art and
recreational programs and drop in services;

  • Safe consumption and treatment services.
Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, Fred Victor has over 370 staff, an operating budget of $38M,
and capital assets worth approximately $70M. Well-regarded by clients and other stakeholders alike,
including other agencies, funders, donors and municipal, provincial and federal governments, Fred Victor
is committed to ending homelessness in Toronto.
Our Vision: is for healthy and thriving communities where every person has a home and access to

Our Mission: is to improve the health, income and housing stability of people experience poverty and

Our Values:
  • Respect: Fred Victor advocates for human rights and recognizes the dignity of all people who use,
provide, or support our services. We value diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, life
experiences, perspectives, orientations and abilities.

  • Equity: Fred Victor creates opportunity for individuals and communities. We work from an anti-
oppression perspective to reduce systemic discrimination and inequities for people experiencing
poverty and homelessness. We further promote equity through harm reduction, recovery, and
community development approaches to service.

  • Self-Determination: Fred Victor values and supports people’s right to self-determination by
fostering individual capacity and recognizing individuals’ abilities to make their own choices.

  • Service Excellence: Fred Victor is committed to providing excellent programs and services by
being accountable to the people who use our services, meeting or exceeding our program goals,
and monitoring our progress against stakeholders’ requirements. We seek to collaborate, integrate
and develop new partnerships to enhance services to our clients.


Fred Victor has grown significantly in recent years, both in type and size of programs, and today is one of
the leading organizations dedicated to serving the needs of those who are vulnerable and marginalized as
well as advocating for broader systems change to address determinants of health, income and housing
stability. The diversity of programs and services offered are a core strength, along with its ability to be
creative and responsive, and building its capacity in research and planning will further its ability to be both
a “thought leader” and a “system leader”.

The external environment continues to present many challenges and opportunities for the organization,
including the emergence of Ontario Health Teams, the imminent integration with Toronto Christian
Resource Centre (CRC), and potential fluxes to funding. In very recent years, there also have been dramatic
changes to populations being served with both the housing and opioid crises fundamentally affecting the
nature of front-line work.

Within this context, the Board of Directors has initiated the search for the new CEO. This critical leadership
search also coincides with the process of developing a new strategic plan that will focus on several
important strategic directions to improve health, income and housing as well as to enhance the quality of
work and the organization’s capacity to do more.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO position is responsible for the overall management and
leadership of the organization, and has the lead responsibility to ensure that the organization is achieving
its mission to improve the health, income and housing stability of people experiencing poverty and
homelessness. For a detailed outline of key job responsibilities, please see Appendix A.

In assuming this leadership position, the new CEO will want to focus on the following key priority areas:

  • As a trusted and credible leader, gain the confidence of and manage relationships with a diverse
group of stakeholders, internal and external;

  • Work closely with the Board and other key stakeholders to further define the new strategic plan;
  • Assess and develop appropriate organizational structure, resources, processes, systems,
measurements and tools to support the implementation of the strategic plan;

  • Invest in a culture of care, wellness and resilience to ensure staff have the support and resources
they need to continue to do great work;

  • Ensure successful integration with Toronto CRC, capitalizing on the strengths of each organization;
  • Play a leadership role in the sector to increase housing as well as pursue longer-term solutions to
affordable housing issues;

  • Solidify Fred Victor’s role in the new Ontario Health Team structure to ensure issues of poverty and
homelessness are addressed;

  • Continue to develop strong relationships with government (municipal, provincial, federal), balancing
trusted advisor and advocacy roles;

  • Continue to grow philanthropic funding, and increase awareness and brand of the organization;
  • Continue to invest in training and professional development of staff.
Fred Victor is a trusted, well regarded, vibrant organization with strong relationships with funders and
partners, sound financials, and an excellent reputation for innovation, stepping up to lead challenging
initiatives, and delivering quality programs and services to vulnerable populations, including some who are
the hardest to serve. With housing and homelessness currently on the municipal, provincial and federal
agendas, this is a wonderful opportunity to lead an organization with committed and dedicated staff and
Board, and play a leading role in addressing immediate needs for services while pursuing longer-term
solutions. Although often challenging, the work of the organization and subsequent impact on people’s lives
is also immensely gratifying.



The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following knowledge, experience, skills and attributes:

  • High integrity; courageous; passionate and compassionate; genuinely committed to improving the
lives of vulnerable and marginalized people;

  • Senior leadership experience in the non-profit, multi-service community-based sector with an
awareness of relevant issues and trends and an understanding of key program and services areas;

  • The ability to lead and motivate an organization of size and complexity and a track record of
achieving results;

  • Strong government relations and experienced at building and managing relationships with funders,
donors and other stakeholders;

  • Strong strategist with systems perspective and ability to focus on the “upstream” to address root
causes of poverty and homelessness and to conceptualize and communicate complex ideas;

  • Effective at building partnerships and coalitions and providing leadership, advocacy and support to
the sector;

  • Capacity to innovate; appetite for calculated risk;
  • Effective at leading growth and managing change while ensuring organizational structure and
processes continue to adapt;

  • Skilled, proactive and transparent communicator, internal and external; able to keep finger on the
pulse with the front-line;

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to evaluate service and program

  • A leader who mentors and builds leadership capacity in the team while embracing and harnessing
their expertise and decision-making capability; an effective delegator of authority and responsibility;

  • A collaborative decision-maker with strong commitment to team work;
  • Able to provide calm and stabilizing leadership in times of crisis;
  • Understands the importance of, and is comfortable participating in, philanthropic fundraising;
  • Effective in working with a volunteer Board; knowledge of good governance principles;
  • Experience in a unionized environment an asset;
  • Proficiency in computer software, internet and social media;
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of and commitment to social justice issues, equity, anti-
racism and anti-oppression practices.


Should you have any questions regarding this important and meaningful opportunity, or wish to forward a
cover letter and current resume for consideration, please contact:

Chris Sawyer, Partner Michelle Partipilo, Senior Consultant
1 416 640 4312 1 416 928 4633

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Organizational Leadership: Leads a regular process and partnership with the Board of Directors to
develop a vision, mission and strategic plan for Fred Victor. Creates an environment that is open to and
prepared for change. Demonstrates person energy, integrity, tact, and acts ethically and leads by example.
Welcomes interactions with others and does not intimidate or discourage interaction. Has a clear
understanding of where the organization is, where it wants to be in the future and contributes to the
development of long term strategies. Develops contingencies and strategies to address unanticipated
Governance and Board Relations: Works well with the Chair and Directors to implement Board
policies and decisions. Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely
and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed
decisions. This includes advice and support for the Board in its various roles, including the development of
strategic directions and organizational policies; conducting regular Board business, and providing ongoing
information regarding the operational trends in the sector.
Planning: Ensures that appropriate and inclusive planning is done at all levels - organizational, programs
and services, human resources, financial, etc. to meet the changing needs of the community and the
organization's goals and objectives.
Financial and Administrative Oversight and Management: Responsible for the fiscal integrity of
Fred Victor, including submission to the Board a proposed annual budget and quarterly financial
statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization. Responsible for fiscal
management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures optimal resource
utilization and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position. Anticipates and plans for the
capital needs of Fred Victor. Ensures that Fred Victor complies with all government regulations. Ensures
efficient and effective internal operations and is aware of opportunities for technological advancement.
Service Quality and Accountability: Ensures that quality improvement processes are in place for all
programs and services and that there is effective collection, analysis and use of data to support these
processes. To further ensure that striving for service excellence is a key priority for all service management
staff and that these staff have access to the training and tools to enable them to be successful in quality
Human Resources: Administers staff operations within the parameters of Board policies. Strives to
create an environment in which the full potential of staff is used to achieve the mission. Ensures clear and
honest performance assessment of all staff. For direct reports acknowledges successes and immediately
addresses issues of under-performance. Encourages staff ownership in objective setting and self-appraisal.
Recognizes the need to consult with staff in decision-making. Ensures that clear and equitable human
resources policies are in place and are applied consistently; ensures the development of staff skills to meet
the mandate and commitments of the organization.
Government and Stakeholder Relations: Competently serves as a spokesperson for Fred Victor.
Actively seeks opportunities to speak about Fred Victor and Fred Victor’s mission. Maximizes revenue
opportunities and new sources of growth. Builds and maintains strong and productive relationships with key
constituents and stakeholders. Understands key policy trends in government, their impact on Fred Victor
and its mission, and is able to position Fred Victor for success.
Communications: Develops and maintains sound relations with donors and funders, ensuring that the
resources required to fund the activities of the organization are adequate and in place. Represents Fred


Victor effectively with governments, churches, sector groups, media, funders and donors, promoting a
positive profile of the organization in the community.
Risk Management: Identifies Fred Victor’s principal risks and implement appropriate actions to manage.
Advises the Board of all major commitments, exposures and risks on a regular and timely basis. Ensures
that Fred Victor and the Board have adequate insurance coverage.
Agency operations: Ensures the safe operations of all sites, services and programs. Ensures
compliance with all health and safety legislation and internal Fred Victor policies.
Sector and Community Leadership: Promotes Fred Victor as a leader in its area of work and provides
leadership to relevant sector and community initiatives. Participates and leads in related service, policy and
communications initiatives.
Staff Leadership Team: Prioritize the development of the staff leadership team in terms of both
individual and team capacity, and structure of the team. Maintains a proactive approach to this work that
seeks to understand and anticipate future needs and challenges.
Policy and Social Change: Ensures the development of strategies and participates in activities which
influence public policies or promote social change leading to the improvement of the quality of life for people
on low income.
Asset Management: Ensures that a broad asset protection framework is in place at Fred Victor to
maintain/protect/grow the value of capital and monetary assets. Works with Fred Victor’s Finance and
Housing Committees to develop appropriate policies and procedures. Oversees implementation of policies
and procedures such as Building Condition Audits, Capital Reserve Fund studies, capital budgets and
investment reviews.
Revenue Development: Improves and prioritizes revenue development from multiple resources through
all levels of governments, foundations, corporations, and private donors.