Owner Operator, AZ Driver, Canada/US
Ayr, ON
We offer:
Base plate, Insurance ($5,000 Deductible), Permits/tolls, Satellite, Decals, Floating Fuel Surcharge, Fuel Card - US & Canadian billed back, Two days paid orientation, Fuel Tax - administered at no cost, Heavy Vehicle Tax! Why work with us?

  • Destinations to accommodate your lifestyle
  • No force dispatch
  • Free parking
  • Weekly pay via direct deposit
  • Discounted Shop rate
  • Excellent fuel surcharge and discount at the pumps
  • Good work/life balance
  • Clearly understands scope of responsibility – truck supervisor facilitates support and all work as a team
  • Ensure understanding of route—if not, stop and clarify
  • Double check everything before leaving yard permits, routes, load securement, customs requirements, etc
  • Immediately advises Safety Manager of all incidents, claims, damage or moving violations
  • Communicates with Shop personnel to ensure necessary repairs and maintenance is completed before beginning trip which includes reporting of standard maintenance of equipment
  • Ensures maintaining professional conduct and relationships with customers and Company.
  • Communicates with and receives direction from Operations
  • Ensures that the tractor and trailer are in good running order
  • Adheres to defensive driving as per Smith System training
  • Properly maintains equipment and securement of all loads
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Adheres to Government regulations and company policy
  • Maintains only one AZ license with no more than 6 demerit points
  • Utilizes and follows all permits
  • Certified in TDG, Smith System, and Defensive Driving
  • Prepared to lift 50 lbs plus in any given work shift
  • Prepared to work on jobs where site conditions may include dry, solid, soft, frozen or muddy ground
  • Reports all claims and near misses as soon as possible to the Safety Manager and/or Operations
  • Consistently picks up and delivers customers freight in a timely manner
  • Performs required daily Pre & post trip inspections
  • Reports standard maintenance of equipment
  • Completes all required satellite macros when picking up or dropping trailers
  • Brings unit through Mill Creek’s safety lane upon return to the yard
NO paint and NO age restrictions for your truck