Sessional Faculty (Summer 2019)
University of the Fraser Valley
Abbotsford, BC
The University anticipates a need for sessional faculty to teach in the Summer 2019 semester in the following areas:


Posting #2019.20a: Posting cancelled.
Computer Information Systems

Posting #2019.20b: The Computer Information Systems (CIS) department offers a four-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree since 1993. After one year (30 credits) of designated course work in the degree, students can apply for the CIS certificate; the CIS diploma can be applied for after two years of designated course work. Students will remain in the degree program after being awarded the certificate and/or diploma and may continue with upper-level courses if they wish. The certificate is a customizable one-year program, combining a mixture of CIS/COMP and other courses. Both the diploma and the degree can be obtained with a Co-operative Education option.

Candidates are required to have expertise in programming, and preference will be given to candidates who have a demonstrated interest and expertise in at least two of the following areas: databases, data analysis, analysis and design of algorithms, distributed programming, programming for ubiquitous computing, cloud computing, gaming, multimedia and graphics, robotics, web programming, web service orchestration, operating systems and real-time & systems programming. Other related expertise will be considered.

We are seeking individuals who have an outstanding ability to teach and communicate effectively with undergraduate students, and are able to instruct and develop courses across a range of computer information systems and computing science topics. For further information, contact the Department Head, Computer Information Systems.

Applicants must have completed a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or a closely related area. A PhD is preferred. Candidates must demonstrate successful teaching ability in the relevant subject area at the post-secondary level. Industry experience will also be an asset.
Criminology and Criminal Justice

Posting #2019.20c: Closed.

Posting 2019.20d: Closed.
Visual Arts

Posting 2019.20e: Closed.