Community Marketplace
Durham Region, ON

Business to Business Sales Representative required immediately!

Every Business Must Change and upgrading solutions usually cost less than they currently spend!

As an existing provider of core business services: Internet & Phone Systems, Microsoft Server, Office, Exchange and Server Support as an existing Microsoft Partner our business has grown to now offer - MOBILE MICROSOFT SOLUTIONS - SHAREPOINT AND CLOUD SERVER OFFERINGS - Multi Device Licensing by Microsoft for Mobile Devices is a game changer! Microsoft new licensing policy means every business will have to change from its current environment. Consumers and staff are already mobile fluent and businesses have a universal need to implement mobile technology into their business strategy.

Our business mandate is for our customer sales & service representatives to be a consistent point of contact to help educate and assist our business customers transition from more traditional forms of business systems technology like Traditional Office Equipment, Traditional PC licensing, Old Phone System Technology and move them towards Microsoft mobile environment applications. Every business will have to do so “Mobile I.T. Strategy is the Business Strategy”

Every business using Microsoft today will have to make a change, it is our intention to be there when they do. Our business model is referred to as the Milk-man or Milk-Woman mentality where our clients need to just ask and our CMP representatives and they will take care of them. IE. computers, phone and Internet are all connected and we provide the service of solving client issues with one call. Our clients no longer need to call a computer Tech who says it is an internet issues and then spend all day on the the phone with their provider who just tells them it is a computer issue. We are both!

The CMP network offers the following services for business:

  • Internet Connectivityas a Nationwide wholesaler with a variety of national suppliers
  • Enterprise Business VOIP Systemsand full Services (we do not do Mobile Services).
  • Microsoft & Sharepoint Support as a Certified Partner both local server and Cloud based.
  • Office Equipment ( Xerox) We are a national partner with Xerox.*
  • Kiosk Software & Support Full design and technical support.**
  • Website Development Full Service Web Service - Ecom and Mobile WebsiteDevelopment.with Mobile rich feature of Dynamic Geo location messaging, click to Call and more.*

Community Marketplace Agents are “Willing to earn the right to ask for a client’s business”

Client First Service

Client First is to have our representatives provide solutions based solely on the needs of our clients’ business not from a bias vendor position. (For example: With internet and phone services we provide connectivity from almost all major carriers. Our representative has the ability to provide what is right for the customer or switch them if required! Our experts often bond multiple internet carriers together to get double the speed, providing extra security for the businesses so that if one provider goes down, their business is still up and running. No direct internet agent will provide a competitor product even if it is right for the customer - we do what is right for the customer because it makes sense.)

Professional business, good customer service and willing to learn type attitude.

Direct Accountability

Direct accountability means you are the primary and first point of contact. It is your business to solve problems for our clients to keep them growing theirs. We take full responsibility to provide the the best resources and advice, we take measures to prevent problems but also handle them with priority care when they do!

Business Systems Support

A business’s performance has never been more dependent on technology. With Internet, websites, phones, computers, even merchant point of sales terminals all working together means that clients shouldn’t have to call a different company for each, this results in wasted time and is expensive on resources. CMP clients no longer have to call a computer technician for an extended time to be told it’s an internet problem then spend the day on the phone with the internet provider to find out it is actually a computer network problem. CMP customers don’t have too, they call you, we take care of the rest!

Modern Media Management

Modern Media Management calls for designs of multimedia resources need to look consistent and professional. Media including Mobile Website Management, App Development with full metrics and analytics. We also provide Kiosk Development our expertise with these different technologies keeps a businesses brand looking consistent and professional, you are responsible for listening to what the clients vision is, our experts will do the rest.


Collaboration with our Technical and Sales director and fellow team members to help develop and implement tranistion programs. Bring new ideas and opportunities to the table in order to enhance our customer loyalty and retention programs.

- Business to Business Communications with organizations that are local, telephone and in person.

- Assist in the execution of community marketing strategies and promotions.

- Event Planning, involvement in community events and Grand Openings.

- Sourcing relevant events and contacts for business development in the community.

- Business to Business customer service relationships.

- General contact activities Phone, Email, Web and Social Networking.

- Ingage local businesses with CMP Free Promotional give always.

Only selected applicants will be contacted, but resumes will be kept on file

Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Commission

Salary: $600.00 to $800.00 /week


  • customer service: 1 year (Preferred)

Job Duties:

  • Answer incoming customer inquiries
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and teams to stay updated on new products, services, and policies
  • Record and modify customer information within the database
  • Engage with clients in a friendly and professional manner while actively listening to their concerns
  • Offer support and solutions to customers in accordance with the company's customer service policies
  • Other duties as requested