Community Liaison
Priorities & Choices
Toronto, ON
This job is designed for an individual on ODSP or who has a disability and is underemployed and is not on ODSP. This is a test project to explore advocacy work. Please only apply for this job if you meet the criteria. Please note that we strive to be accessible and let us know if there are any supports you need during the application process or for the job.

Location: Works from home, phone in their local community.
Payment: $800 for the contract at 45 hours total divided into two payments
Deadline: May 21st, 2019
Duration: May-June 2019

About Priorities and Choices:
We are an Inter-faith group that is working to raise awareness of social justice issues. We are currently focusing on a project Priorities & Choices to raise awareness of the 70 % increase in the Canadian Defense Budget that was recently approved. It was supported by all Federal political parties. We are concerned how this military spending is pulling funds from other much needed programs such as post-secondary education, affordable housing, climate change, childcare and transit. There is a Federal election in 6 months and we want to encourage citizens to speak with all candidates about priorities for public funding.

Position Description:
Engage a number of community organizations in building awareness of the 70% increase in military spending - by asking their members to raise this issue with all candidates of all parties in the upcoming Federal election
To contact faith / religious institutions to ask them if they want to join in the effort to make people aware of the high military spending
To communicate with existing peace organizations to coordinate our efforts with their work and to let them know of our initiative

Job Requirements:
No post-secondary education required!
Awareness of the political issues outlined by Priorities & Choices
Connected to the faith community and other activist organizations is an asset
Strong oral and written communication skills and works well on a team
Able to do regular progress reports, including written and phone reports
Basic computer skills
Public speaking skills, willing to potentially phone organizations, attend and speak at events, facilitate workshops etc.
Creative approaches to problem-solving and advocacy work, including creative ideas about how to engage citizens with this project
Must have access to a phone, computer and internet

Interested candidates send a brief cover letter and resume to Emily, by May 21st. Please include in your cover letter your connection and involvement to faith organizations, community organizations and any activism work you have done. Quote Community Liaison in the subject line of your email. Interviews for selected candidates will take place over the phone unless an alternative is preferred.

Job Type: Remote