CYW with ASD Experience
Cornerstone Group Homes Inc
Mississauga, ON

Cornerstone Group Homes is seeking persons with either DSW or CYW background who are experienced in work with ASD clients. Cornerstone is currently looking to fill 12 positions. The staff would be responsible for supporting clients with ASD both vocal and non-vocal. Staff must have working knowledge of PECS and alternative communication methods. All staff must be able to work rotating shifts including weekends. All successful staff must possess a G class license and have a reliable vehicle and insurance to transport clients.

The following information identifies the skills and experience required to be successful as a staff with Cornerstone Group Homes Inc.


  • Attend orientation to the Agency’s Policy and Procedure Manual – sign acknowledgment forms that indicate an understanding of specific Policies and Procedures.
  • Ability to develop and implement programs within the Agency’s standards and service provision requirements that benefit the Service Users within the Agency.
  • Experience working within a set budget within the assigned location.
  • Experience providing assistance and support with activities of daily living such as showering and toileting routines.
  • Possess certification in a behavior management program that the Agency chooses to use (UMAB; CPI; etc)
  • Willing to participate in professional development as offered by the Agency and to provide feedback regarding the knowledge gained through professional development
  • Experience working with clients who have a diagnosis of Autism
  • Experience using PECS and alternative communication systems
  • Experience with behaviour management
  • Ability to utilize the On-Call Emergency system within the agency
  • Ability to communicate and facilitate on behalf of Service Users within the Community including school system and justice system
  • Be aware of the requirements under Quality Assurance Measures from the Ministry of Community and Social Services and/or requirements under the Ministry of Children and Youth
  • Familiarity working with youth and adults with a dual diagnosis (developmental disability and mental health diagnosis)
  • $2 million insurance liability
  • Experience and knowledge of computers and Microsoft Word.


  • Act in the position of a Primary worker for a Service User within the assigned location. This will involve preparing progress reports; presenting information regarding those progress reports; participate in group meetings.
  • Arrange for medical, dental, and other appointments for the Service User. Ensure transportation and escort available.
  • Assist the Service User in understanding their rights and responsibilities within the Agency.
  • Where appropriate will design and implement short-term treatment goals in consultation with professionals involved in the support of the Service User under the standards through Quality Assurance Measures.
  • Assist in the development of an Individual Support Plan under the standards through Quality Assurance Measures.
  • Assist in the development of a Plan of Care for youth who are crown wards under a Child Welfare agency.
  • Prepare documentation as required by Cornerstone Group Homes Inc., as required by the Ministry of Community and Social Services/Children and Youth Services.
  • All other assignments as indicated by Management as deemed appropriate


  • Ability to plan and implement activities within the shift at the assigned location
  • Ability to communicate clearly with all stakeholders involved with the Service User, within the location; agency and community.
  • Have knowledge of abnormal behaviors, interpret the function of those behaviors and implement behavior supports as identified by the management team and/or professionals.
  • Ability to problem solve in crisis situations within the service principles with the Agency
  • Provide leadership and guidance to junior staff as well as Service Users within the location.
  • Experience with completing daily documentation on the computer
  • Experience with collecting and tracking behavioral data.
  • Must have a strong understanding of the English language fluent in both written and verbal.

Please specify your availability upon submitting your resume.

Must have access to a reliable vehicle.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Casual


  • ASD: 4 years (Required)


  • AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate (Required)


  • G Class Driver's Licence (Required)


  • Fluent English (Required)