Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist - Formulations
Vancouver, BC
Acuitas is a biotechnology company focused on the development of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery systems for nucleic acid therapeutics and has developed very potent carriers for intracellular delivery of mRNA, plasmid, siRNA and anti-sense oligonucleotides. We work with numerous partners to develop new and improved molecular medicines based on our expertise in nanotechnology-based pharmaceutical product development.

The Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist will be responsible for design and execution of studies to develop, formulate, optimize, characterize (physical and chemical) and evaluate lipid nanoparticles, and interpretation/presentation of results.

Acuitas is seeking an Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist to work in the Formulation Group, reporting to the Associate Director, Formulation Development. The Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist will perform research related to the development of LNP formulations for nucleic acid delivery for in vivo and in vitro applications. This will include characterization of biophysical attributes, optimization of formulation processes at various scales and contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of action. In addition, the Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist is expected to participate with other members of the Formulation Group as well as other members of the company to analyze and interpret data independently and as part of the team. The Associate Research Scientist is required to keep up to date and accurate laboratory notes and data files as well as regularly prepare internal reports of their work. The Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist is expected to maintain familiarity with the scientific knowledge and advancements within the Company’s strategic sphere.

Working under the direction of the Associate Director, Formulation Development and the guidance of other Formulation Research Scientists, the responsibilities would encompass initial responsibilities shown below.

Design, development/optimization and formulation of novel LNPs with input from the Associate Director to further improve different aspects of Acuitas’ LNP technology.
Coordination with the Associate Director to ensure the group will meet internal and partnered objectives and deadlines.
Database maintenance of past, present and future LNP physical characteristics and respective therapeutic index.
Production of LNP formulations to support internal and partnered programs using standard in-house processes.
Characterization of LNP formulations and components using standard in-house assays and development of new assays or detailed investigations of specific LNP attributes as required. This may include hands-on method development and execution or management of external testing facilities for specialized techniques.
Develop and maintain knowledge of current state of the art in nucleic acid LNP formulation space.
Management duties related to operations and maintenance of Formulations group.
Such other scientific and technical tasks consistent with the position and Acuitas’ requirements.

A minimum level of education, training, and experience equivalent to a Master’s program in an appropriate discipline plus three (3) years of recent nucleic acid based formulation experience in a research laboratory or a Doctor of Philosophy of Science program with a focus on formulation and in vivo delivery of nucleic acid based payload.

The successful candidate will have excellent bench skills, the ability to master new techniques quickly, and be able to work independently. Preferred candidates will have experience working with lipid nanoparticle formulations including characterization of formulations and raw material components by standard and/or specialized analytical techniques (e.g. absorption and fluorescence spectrometry, chromatographic separations, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, nmr spectroscopy, etc). Familiarity with statistical design of experiments, data modeling, scale-up process development, and/or regulatory aspects of LNP products would be an asset.

Please submit your cover letter and cv to addressed to HR. Do not phone Acuitas Therapeutics to inquire status of application.