Technical Systems Analyst - IMS Systems Programmer
Toronto, ON
What is the opportunity?

This position will be responsible to provide software support and technical direction for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of IMS and associated vendor products and/or RBC written code that runs in the Guelph Computing Center and the three production computing centers.

These products and RBC written code provide infrastructure services and capabilities required to support business applications on the mainframe to properly service RBC clients. Software support includes ensuring proper monitoring and alerting is in place for IMS related problem avoidance, determining and recommending performance improvements in the IMSplex configurations to ensure optimal use of system resources, ensuring the IMSplex configurations are fully secured and providing consulting services to applications that utilize these services.

What will you do?

Install & support multiple IMSplex configurations, including IMS Connect regions, supporting WAS & MQ transaction inputs, Omegamon/IMS monitoring and Db2 back-ends, across 2 development LPARs, 5 testing lpars & 9 production LPARs, running numerous applications, all with high availability production requirements.
Ensure all IMS regions are completely secure from any unauthorized access or usage thru IMS’s usage of RACF security. Ensure the verifications of all IMS security parameters upon the start of the IMS control region, escalating any found IMS security parm changes for analysis and conversion back to documented settings.
Identify and make recommendations on exploitation of new IMS & z/OS features and/or functions, such as z/OS Connect EE API processing, and RBC written code to ensure proper use of technology while adhering to RBC’s long-term architectural direction.
Maintain an understanding of evolving IMS technology as well as interfacing technologies, such as Db2, MQ & WAS, supported by other areas of RBC.
Ensure that IMS software and RBC written code maintained by the incumbent and his/her team are maintained at appropriate levels to ensure RBCFG remains on the leading edge of technology. The expectation is that IMS will be maintained at a current or current minus one generation level, depending upon the value the new release delivers.
Ensure that IMS software and RBC written code maintained by the incumbent and his/her team are maintained at appropriate SMP/E maintenance levels to ensure RBCFG minimizes exposure to known risks. The expectation is that vendor software will be have its maintenance fully upgraded twice per year. Vendor hiper lists are to be reviewed monthly for important RBC impacting hiper fixes, to be scheduled for installation.
Ensure that changes to IMS software and RBC written code maintained by the incumbent and his/her team are documented in the RBC change management system and emergency changes destined for the production systems are within the organisational standards.
Provide key consulting services to application development initiatives when requested.

What do you need to succeed?

Must have

Professional with minimum 2 years’ experience in the field which includes most or all of the following:
Programming languages such as (e.g. REXX, JCL, COBOL, Assembler)
Databases e.g. IMS DEDBs, Db2
Maintenance products e.g. SMP/E, ENDEVOR
Messaging products e.g. MQSeries, WAS, Portal
Monitoring products e.g. Omegamon/IMS & z/OS
Security products e.g. RACF, ATTLS
IT & Security Standards, Methodologies, CMM & audit requirements
Operating system technical knowledge
Installation, support, diagnosis techniques
Strong ability to diagnose and fix problems in high pressure situations to quickly restore service
Strong communication skills

What’s in it for you?

We thrive on the challenge to be our best, progressive thinking to keep growing, and working together to deliver trusted advice to help our clients thrive and communities prosper. We care about each other, reaching our potential, making a difference to our communities, and achieving success that is mutual.

  • A comprehensive Total Rewards Program including bonuses and flexible benefits, competitive compensation, and stock where applicable.
  • Leaders who support your development through coaching and managing opportunities.
  • Ability to make a difference and lasting impact.
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative, progressive, and high-performing team.
  • Opportunities to do challenging work.
  • Opportunities to take on progressively greater accountabilities.